Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What A Day We Had Yesterday!

 Starting to dig out around the well.
 That's my hubby Lee in the wheelchair. :0) Those two cute little dogs are Lilly and Lizzy my neighbor Tonia's dogs. She is the one who gave us our Yorkie, Jasper! She was kind enough to lend me a cooler for the garage sale and she stopped by to pick it up. I told her I was getting a pool finally! I wish! hehe
 Yuck! it doesn't look too deep but they went down a little bit more than 3 feet to get to the pipe.
Getting it filled back in. They were done in no time flat!

As you can tell from the photo's we had a wild start of the day. Just last week we noticed our water pressure was bad and we thought it was the pressure pump that brings the water into the house from the well. (that's right we live in the boonies no city water here...just good old well water! LOL) But it turned out to be a worn out fitting at the actual well. That ended up being a easy fix.

Till my next post...