Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick Update On Lee & Some Flowerbed Pictures :0)

 Hello my dear blog followers,

I thought I would add a few of the pictures from my flowerbeds. Of course I never got them finished(when Lee gets home from the hospital I can finish them off). I think some of the "weeds" are the prettiest flowers! :0) And how about our toad? Cool huh? We have a bunch of them and the little ones are so cute!!!
 I love dandelions. They remind me of my Grandma Reams. She would let me help her pick them along with greens. Then she cooked the greens up and shared them with me. I love the bright cheery yellow of them.
My sister gifted me with  trumpet and honeysuckle plants and they are now starting to bloom. I wish I could have caught the hummingbird drinking form this one. How Lee and I love to watch the hummingbirds.
This isn't such a great picture of this Coral Bell plant(I hadn't weeded around it yet). My sister got me 2 of these and they are so lovely. The green base is so soft and low to the ground, the flowers are shaped like little bells that come up on a wispy greenish-brown stem and the beautiful pinky-peach color is a stand out. The flowers just sway in the breeze. Such a pretty plant!

And now for an update on Lee. This morning the doctors got the test back from all his cultures. It turns out he has TWO infections running through him right now! No wonder he got sick so quick! Sadly, there is no oral antibiotic strong enough that would take care of the infections. So he will be in the hospital till he runs the course of antibiotics intravenously. :0(  

Take care and thank you for all your well wishes. I have passed them all along to Lee. I will try to check all my emails later this evening when I get home. Bear with me I WILL get to all your emails! 

Big Stamping Hugs,