Monday, July 23, 2012

Wonderful Memories

I remember all the sleepless nights feeding Woody and Kitty Karma. We knew right up front they didn't have a very good chance but we put our all into saving them.
Woody was the cuddler. He loved to be held.
He always seemed to have something wrong with him! :0) This bump turned up and had to be drained. It seemed like he spent as much time at the vets as at home!
When the plate was empty he could flip it over and then stand on them. It was like he was saying "More Please".
Another sick spell. He could barely walk or eat.
Then Kitty Karma got sick and he never left her side. Sadly we lost her in November of last year. 

 He loved being in my stamping room with me. He stayed with me all day long. He found the perfect place to sleep!

 It's funny how he would love to watch me stamp. I think he liked the heat from the Ott-Lights. :0)

 Sadly this morning we had to have our cat Woody aka Mr. Wood E. Pile euthanized. I remember when we found him in the wood pile(hence my husband naming him). For such a little kitten he could cry! We found another kitten at the same time in the flowerbeds. I nursed them every 2 to 3 hours round the clock for months. They were just both so sick. The vets were we go were there for us through a lot of rough times. We knew that Woody wouldn't have a full life but we were determined that he would have a great life as long as he was alive. It's funny the things you remember as you look back. Dr. Lynn was so worried about the neurological damage he had and told us it would be a miracle if he lived a year. Well he was our miracle. He lived to be a year and one month.

He was my cuddlebug. I never had a cat that liked to be held so much. He wanted to be where I was and would cry if he didn't see me. He also always came when I called him. We spoiled him rotten EVERYDAY we had him. I'm so glad we did. He was a joy everyday and he will be remembered as one silly, crazy, wild, head butting and loving cat. It's funny how quiet our house is right now. But not for long. I love cats and I just think no home is complete without at least one! :0)

Most of all I'm so grateful for the vets Dr. Lynn and Dr. Connell who saw both our cats (so very often) who tried every known medicine and compound. Took special care with Woody's surgery. For all the staff not for just the laughs but for the tears they shed with me. For every kind word and call to check on them. You gave us as much time with them as you could.  For that we will always be in your debt. Plain City Animal Hospital is the BEST!

This kind of took the wind out of  my sails so to speak.  Take care and I'll be back very soon!

Stamping hugs,