Monday, October 31, 2011

20th Anniversary Card

I've been busy getting ready for my 20th anniversary. It's tomorrow and I think it will be one to remember. This is the card I made for Lee. I also wrote a nice letter...and no I will not share the mushy details! HA!

I used a new set of unmounted stamps I ordered last month and the spellbinder set my friend Debb gave me for my birthday. I used the technique Denise taught us this past card night. I stamped onto the patterned cardstock and twice more on the coordinating paper from the paper pack for my acorn. I think it is so cute! Inside I used the saying "Nuts about you". I know it may be a bit cutesy for a man but I know he'll get a kick out of it.

We really both have everything a person could ask for so we usually just go out to a movie and dinner. But this is 20 years! I had to do something cool. Well, if you are from around here you know about the "Reindeer of Rt 42 Plain City, Ohio". They have been in the newspaper, on the news(you can see the interview on you tube) and they even have their own facebook page! They are about a mile from my house and I asked if they would let the deer hold up a happy anniversary banner If I went and got one. And they were so gracious and will be putting it up for me in the morning. :0) I ordered a bright colored banner. I can't wait to see it! When we leave for the movie I am going to tell Lee we have to leave early to get gas. Then we will drive up...SURPRISE! Then we can stop and have a picture taken with the deer! How fun and how out of the box. I'll post some pictures in a couple of days. And if you feel like it check out some of the crazy antics the deer get into!

I tell you when Lee and I got married 20 years ago "for better or worse", I'm sure he wasn't prepared for my "worst"! hehe But for me it has been for the better! Marrying Lee was the best thing I ever did! How fast 20 years go by. I'm looking forward to the next 20!

Till my next post...