Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Birthday Gift From The Talented Carole & Fun Card From Amy

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick video of the lace Angel that Carole Lassak made me for my birthday. She is so beyond talented! I had hoped the video would show the detail of the lace. Sadly it doesn't. But I hope you will get an idea of the work she put into it. Her gift card is like holding glass. I am going to have to get a frame for it. It really is a piece of artwork!

The card Amy Day made me is such a fun interactive card. I really need her to show me how she made it. I see the endless possibilities with this one.

I have so many cards I want to post. Hopefully I will get a chance to get some of them on my blog later today. I have to have the most talented friends in the world!

Well, I have a ton of thank you cards to make and lots to do around here so I must be going. :0)

As always, I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...


  1. What an amazing gift! The craftmanship of the handmade lace is breathtaking.The card is also so cute it will be fun to find out how she made such an adorable card.

  2. its just awesome..... You are truely to be loved. Best wishes on your way.

  3. It was SO nice to celebrate your birthday with you!! Love the cards and the lace. My real question did you keep the kitties out of the video?! I know they were curious LOL

  4. wow this is one gorgeous little angel! I can imagine the detail as my Grandma used to make her own lace and it was always so delicate and gorgeous.

    Love the new cat photos down the side too :) Titan looks like he is going to be very cheeky! Hmmm Lee looks a bit cheeky in this photo too!

    Big Hugs
    xoxox Carly

  5. Hi Shirley, how are you? its been too late you have not posted anything.... I hope everything is alright.