Thursday, July 5, 2012

We Have Internet Service Again!

We were so lucky to only lose our power for 25 minutes when the storms came. But on Sunday when the storms returned it took out our Internet service. I tell you I can live without the TV but not my Internet. I am behind now on emails and will get to them all today when I get back.

I will also be back later with all the cards from our swap group that meets at Red Letter Journals in Grove City the first Sunday of every month.

Take care and be back later today!
Stamping Hugs,


  1. :) I'm hearing you!

    xoxoxo Carly

  2. My children would have a hard time without internet and I think I would miss a little because I would get more reading done. I have read almost 5 books this summer. I am reading Home at Rose Cottage and it is very good. Thanks Jeanne I can't put it down, I delayed getting my floor swept to finish the one story. It has two story but the same characters.

  3. yeah!!!! you're back on line!! I'VE MISSED YOU! Hope you and your family is doing good now! I can relate being without TV, internet, radio, etc,as that is what we here in Florida suffer with when hurricane hit us!

    Sumi P.

  4. Hi Shirley, hope you and Lee are doing well. Miss you!!!

    Love, Lisa Sabula