Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blog Candy Time!

Hello my lovely blog followers!

I wanted to thank you all so much for your kind words regarding the loss of our cat Woody. It has been a whirlwind week so far! Our vets had a litter of kittens and we ended up taking two kittens. Both are mostly black with a bit of white on them. The male is very out going and the female is a bit timid but she has really started to come out of her shell. We still need names for them.

So let me get to the new blog candy! If you go to the link and check on Joe Rotella's designs, you will see his new line with a total of 9 designs. They are really amazing. So here is what you will win. 

ONE OF EVER PIECE IN HIS NEW LINE! I can't even begin to tell you how cool the chipboard books are. Also look for samples posted in the next couple of weeks. 

Now if you have been following me for any length of time you know I have some extras. So I will be giving a few more of his pieces away. Although not whole sets, I know you will have fun with them. :0)

To enter for the blog candy leave an answer to the question here on this post. And the question is:

Can you think of names for our new kitties? If not which name do you like best on our list OR of any that get posted? 

Here is a couple of pictures of them to inspire you! LOL

  This is the male. I guess he got bored with me trying to catch up on emails.

The female is on the left. It was nap time after eating and playing hard!
We are starting to get to tell them apart by their personalities. :0)

Here are some of the names we have so far:
Harold and Maude(my favorite movie)
Lucy and Ricky(hubby says no way)
Mortica and Gomez(hubby likes)
Pugsley and Wednesday
Bonnie and Clyde
and I thought that Miss Inky and Stamper would be cute.

I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Have a great day. I will be drawing for the blog candy on next Thursday August 2, 2012.
Good luck to you all!

Stamping hugs,

 PS. You can also find his complete line at Red Letter Journal's In Grove City, Ohio!


  1. Mickey & Minnie

    sumi p.

  2. Do you remember the 'Topper' movie (or TV series)? George & Marion Kerby or Cosmo & Henrietta Topper. Those seem like cat couple names to me.

    Ginger and Fred (Rogers & Astaire) might be fun, too!

    Thank you for yet another incredibly generous giveaway!

  3. George and Gracie
    Linus and Lucy

    Your names are great too.

  4. I like Inky and Zing. Shows ur luv of stamping and ur Zing! And I'm sure joe would luv it! Lol

  5. i'm thinking Bonnie and Clyde - kittens are always up to mischief - haha! they are so cute!

  6. OH and IO or Brutus and Buckeye! Anthony and Cleopatra! I am partial to gangsters so Bonnie and Clyde works for me, too.

  7. I still recommend Puss and Boots! Have you ever seen the Shrek movies? "I am Puss . . . in boots!" We kinda wish we had named Piglet Beans so we would have Frank and Beans:)

    From the suggestions above, I like Glitter and Glue but I also like Fred and Ginger.

    Can't wait to see what you choose!

  8. Oh my, such cute suggestions! I like George and Gracie, or Ricky and Lucy! Good luck trying to choose! Hope you're doing OK. Take care, dear friend!

  9. I'm with Lee in that I like Morticia and Gomez. But when Amy referred to Piglet that made me think of Piglet and Roo as a pair of cute names. A friend of mine used to have a cat named Booby. When they went outside and called for the cat to come - you can picture how that sounded. Inky and Stinky? (Sounds too much like Ren and Stimpy.) Ozzie and Harriet? Elvis and Priscilla? Romeo and Juliet? My family often names pets (and chickens and cows and cars) after the people we got them from. What are the vets first names? (From Paula)

  10. How exciting for you, Shirley and Lee - two new additions to a very fun family - lucky kitties. I can almost see the smiles on your faces from downtown Columbus! I love Miss Inky and Stamper, or maybe since you ARE the candy lady, how about Candy and Stamper?

  11. I think Ink and Jet - matches their color and crafty! Great giveaway - thanks so much. Now I want to play with the kitties!

  12. Bogey & Bacall
    Sonny & Cher
    Sam & Sally
    Biscit & Gravy
    Sampson & Delilah
    Brett & Scarlett
    Fred & Ethel

    I like all of these :) LindaN

  13. Cleo and Caesar and so glad you got new kitties to replace the hurt.



  16. oh they are sooooo cute!
    I'm sure they are going to fill your home with so much joy.

    My name ideas are:-
    Ciara (Irish for Black)
    Voldermort (could be Mort for short ... hey that rhymes!)

    Love the photos .... :)

  17. I feel your emptyness from lossing a beloved part of your family. Try to remember all of the happy memories, time they brought into you and Lee's life. The new kitties are adorable and will help you to keep busy to get you through the mourning process. All my love and prayers are with you durning this trying time.

    The blog candy is absolutely too be one of the first to poccess the famous Joe R.'s new line, it would be heaven!

    So how bout these names Riley and Sophie, I know you love stamping and everyone just has to love those Mooses, right? I know I do!
    Terri H.

  18. That blog candy is fabulous. I'd be happy with just one of Joe's products. I love some of these names, Miss Inky and Stamper is cute. Here's mine, Luna and Obie. Luna is another name for the moon, also a Roman goddess. And I just like Obie. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be just perfect for the babies. The blog candy is really over the top, Shirley. You always have the very BEST!!


  19. Wow - Joe's line is amazing and you are so generous to give us a chance to win.
    I like the Inky and Zing idea or Woodstock and Snoopy!
    Enjoy them, they look so fun.

    Michelle C

  20. Hi Shirley - I am not real creative with names, but I like Miss Inky and Stamper because they represent your hobbies! Joe's products are really exciting - I loved his Ocean album the minute I saw it. Jill S.

  21. Would love to have the blog candy of Mr. Joe Rotella's new line. Maybe he should be the blog candy next time...for a 2 hour personal class.
    Cat names....hummmm
    Razzle and dazzle
    Puddin' and Pie

  22. This blog candy is so cool.I like the names Ribbon and Bow.Tammy T

  23. I love the Blog candy, my favorite the leaves and the ocean album and the ornaments.
    Cat names WOW!
    Lilly and Max
    Jumper and Thumper

  24. This Blog candy is new to me seems exciting. Cats names,
    Black Spot and Soot.

  25. Hi Shirley I like the name sof Onyx and Jade. I like that your animal names would all be precious gemstones.Dawna K

  26. Wow what nice blog candy I like the names Dagwood and Blondie.Jennifer M

  27. How about Lily(Vampire mother from the Munster's) and Herman(the monster dad from the Munsters) Melody B.

  28. How cute. How about:
    Raven(Edgar Allen Poe's Poem)
    Ripper(Jack the Ripper)

    I figured you might be going for something "dark" since they are both black kitties. ;)
    Candy S.

  29. They look alike so how about Pete and Repeat. LOL Connie C.

  30. There are some really great names here. I thought the Luna was a good one. Maybe you could do Miss Luna and Mr Sunshine? Or how about Luna and Cosmo? Lea L.

  31. How about with your dog being named Jasper you could do Opal and Onyx. They could be your "gems"! Ginny A.

  32. I like Roy And Dale after Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.Mary

  33. Hi Shirley I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am so happy you found such a cute pair of kittens to help soften the loss of you friend and stampin buddy. I hope you remember the cartoon because I like the names Pepe Le Pew and Fifi La Fume or Pepe & Fifi.Take care Linda from Texas

  34. I like the names Rocky & Adrian they are some of my favorite movies. I can watch them over and over.Nancy G

  35. Ok, of course I love the blog candy, but naming the furbabies seems like fun. Have you considered these:

    Cleocatra & Ceasar
    Endora & Doctor Bombay
    Cleo & Leo
    Spark & Piston (male Piston d/t certain
    anatomical feature)

    Lucrezia & Borgia
    Olympia & Zeus

    I have more, but you will probably get brain freeze with all the suggestions!

    Jeanne S.

  36. I like Ozzie & Harriet. JVH