Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Fun Gift...Soda Pop!

I just couldn't resist sharing this fun gift we got from our wonderful friends Phillip and Amy. They just came back from a trip down Route 66! We were blown away when they brought these back for us. A 6 pack for each of us. Lee's favorite is cream soda so they got him 6 different kinds.

But get a load of my six! Who thinks up these names! "Kitty Piddle" is my favorite! I told Lee we can share them and see which ones we like. He just laughed and said not mine but I'll share yours. He thinks he's funny! I can't wait to try them all. I will be saving the bottles. I'll have to take  a picture of them to show you what I do with them. :0)

So thank you Phillip and Amy for thinking of us!!! Not only do I have the worlds best blog followers , I have the worlds best friends!

Lee, says to tell you he will be doing a full critique on each soda pop. LOL I'll have to let you know what he thinks. :0)

Sorry this wasn't a stamping post. My next one will be!

Till my next post...