Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Day "Bloomed" With A Special Surprise!

What a wonderful surprise Lee & I got today! I had a friend stop by with a homemade card, a heartfelt letter, a special book and flowers for Lee & I. Lee's favorite flower! I loved them too but most of all loved the little book. It has an uplifting message I can use each day. And it can be used over again each year. Her letter touched my heart and I will cherish it forever.

You may ask why did she do it? Well, she felt prompted to do it. And I'm so glad she did! She didn't want any recognition for it. She asked if I posted not to mention her name. (that's why I didn't post the card just in case someone knew she had made that card, but trust me it's so pretty!)

I have felt the same way from time to time and sent a card or made a call. I think of all the times I have thought "I really need to send him or her a card" but was too wrapped up in everyday life and then let the moment pass by. I think this was a wonderful reminder of the opportunity we all have to make someone's day a little brighter, a little easier and most of all strengthen our friendships. 

I think when I feel a prompting to send a card from now on I will. I hope you will too! One of the blogs I follow ends each time with "send someone some love in a card today". I think she has the right idea! :0)

So till my next post, I wish you love, friendship and lots of handmade cards!