Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cards From The Sunday Card Swap At Red Letter Journals

I have learned to make sure I double check to see that my camera got a clear picture of the cards. I'm sorry to say some of my pictures were just to blurry to post! I hope you will be able to see some of them from the 2 group photos. The woman holding the card is Heather. She works at Red letter Journal and runs the swap. Each month she takes care of making up card kits for each person. She decides on the techniques and keeps track of all those who participate. I know it's a lot of work and we all appreciate how much goes into making it a fun swap. Can't you tell by her smile she's having fun! :0) 

The theme this month was chipboard. I wanted to take a picture of the one with the flowers. That is an actual picture of her hydrangeas in her yard! What a wonderful idea. I have a ton of pictures like that. Now I'm going to try my hand at adding them to a card.

I love the sewing form. It was done with a cereal box and all cut out on the ZING Machine. I will have to get in gear and do a video on mine. You can't believe what all it can do!

I didn't get this one but I wanted to show you the butterfly card by Kyla. Each little mosaic is embossed chipboard till it looked and felt like real tile! It was a wonderful card. And her daughter, Dezzarai gave me the cute little flip flop. I was so touched. They are so generous. I think I'm going to do a special little card just for her on our next swap!

The window box card was by April. She did such a great job and the flowers are placed so perfectly. I just got these dies and I have the brick embossing folder. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun using them! 

The next card was by Carole. If you could see this card in person you would be floored! It has such glitz and I just adore getting cards that open in different ways from the usual side opening. Very elegant card.

The next card with the buckle is by Amy. (sorry that the picture is sideways. I'll have to fix that) I liked the bright colors and background paper. The buckle is glittery and glossy smooth! You would never think it started out as piece of plain chipboard!

The daisy card with the soft green floral background was done by Betty. She's a wiz at anything floral. but then why wouldn't she , she use to own her own floral shop!

 Oops I got my descriptions out of order. :0)

The hot air balloon was done by Joe Rotella of Create & Craft. I was fortunate enough to get his card. The flourish is so smooth it almost feels like cool metal to the touch. So much going on with this card yet it has a simple elegant flow. I just love it!

Ok, I love flamingos, Love birds so I was hoping I would get this card in the swap and I did! YEAH! Joe Morgan did the cute bird with feathers. But I just loved how he did the birdseed in the belly!!! Let me tell you each seed was perfectly placed. The eye was done with a type of ink? He dropped the white down then the black in the center and it made the eye. Pretty cool huh?!

I know I mentioned the flip flop card already but I just wanted to say Dezzarai is our youngest in the group and she is really good! I love seeing young people take an intrest in artistic outlets. It's so fun to see them grow and to see the way they interpret things.

So this was the card heather had for us this month. We are learning how to use Card Sketches". I really liked this idea. I love looking at cards and the way they piece them together. So next month we will do cards using this sketch. I'll be sure to share what not only I do but what our great group comes up with!

Again a big thank you to Heather for all her hard work and to Tonya (owner of Red Letter Journals) for donating all the supplies for our cards! You guys ROCK!!!

I wish you all time to stamp with friends, family or even just quietly alone. Just Stamp!

Till my next post...

PS. Lee wants everyone to look at the cruise type ship in red, yellow and black in the group shots...he loved that card too! (And yes Lee goes with me too. He really enjoys the group and what everyone makes)