Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Candy Bar Slider/Holder

Hello my lovely blog followers!

I first want to thank Dawn Olchefske of DO Stamping for sharing the video that taught me how to do this. She has some really wonderful videos and highly recommend her You Tube Channel if your looking for fun card and gift ideas.

I'm posting this for Sumi one of my blog followers but also sister to Susan who is in a stamping group I am in. Sumi was in town from her home state of Florida visiting. It was such a joy and honor to meet her. She had to catch a flight in the evening yet she still took time to stop out and meet me! I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me. As we sat and had a bite to eat then on to do a quick card project, it was like I had know her forever. She is so down to earth and the ideas and tips! My head was buzzing after she left of things I have to try!!! She shared some of her artwork with me. All I can say is I felt like I was in the presence of greatness! I hope she starts a blog.(or do you already have one Sumi?)

And what was my one regret? I had my camera ready on the counter and didn't take one picture! I guess in all the excitement it was the last thing on my mind. Maybe next time! She'll be back in October and I will hopefully get to see her again then Thank you Sumi and Susan for stopping by. Enjoy the video. (Of course you probably would have figured it out for yourself...I know your good! LOL)

There is so much you could do with this holder. Party favor's add a gift card to them for a birthday gift. I can really see these as a weeding or baby shower favor. And let's not forget you can change out the size to hold a package of instant coca. The ideas are endless!

I'll be back today with a couple more posts. I have lots to share! Card Swap cards and our Soda Pop gifts from our dear friend's Phillip and Amy who took a trip down Route 66!

Take care and as always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...