Monday, April 9, 2012

Have I Told You Lately How Much I Appreciate You?

Let me begin with saying how much I have appreciated all your support of my blog. 

When I first started my blog(see first should make you laugh!) I had intended on using it to share my stamping, a bit about me and my life and my weight loss journey. I guess of late my priorities have changed a bit. :0)

Well, I haven't taken care of myself very well over the last two years and now it is do or die! I found a diet buddy online crafting forum. We became fast friends and she suggested a diet blog separate form my stamping one. So I started a separate one for that. I have been posting more on it lately. And since I have started my diet and workout regimen I am actually exhausted all day!!! :0)  So I have really let this stamping blog kind of fall by the wayside just doing a few things here and there. I want to say how sorry I am for that. Not just because I feel I'm letting you all down but I'm letting myself down. Stamping gives me such joy! To share what I make is like sharing a piece of me. :0)

I follow a lot of blogs and I have been rethinking my format. How can I change it to make it better? Well, first of more cards and instructions. Videos one per week(minimum).



I would like to have a schedule I can stick to every week. Like a post Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a video on Tuesday or Thursday of each week.  I would like to do blog candy once a month say the last Sunday of the month? 


And remember, you know for you posting here on this blog I will be drawing for a wonderful blog prize! Let's give everyone a couple of weeks to post their ideas. :0) I will draw on Sunday,April 29th, 2012 my time 8pm. I will also post May's blog candy! It's a fun one with alterable pieces...big package!!! And you can come back and post as many ideas as you can think of! And if I use your idea...BINGO! You will win a special prize...and you want to win this one!!! hehe

And again let me finish by saying you are all such special friends to me. It's hard to put into words how much your every comment and kindness means to me. I love you and appreciate you all!!! When I say I have the best blog followers anywhere I mean it!!!

Till my next post...