Monday, April 9, 2012

Have I Told You Lately How Much I Appreciate You?

Let me begin with saying how much I have appreciated all your support of my blog. 

When I first started my blog(see first should make you laugh!) I had intended on using it to share my stamping, a bit about me and my life and my weight loss journey. I guess of late my priorities have changed a bit. :0)

Well, I haven't taken care of myself very well over the last two years and now it is do or die! I found a diet buddy online crafting forum. We became fast friends and she suggested a diet blog separate form my stamping one. So I started a separate one for that. I have been posting more on it lately. And since I have started my diet and workout regimen I am actually exhausted all day!!! :0)  So I have really let this stamping blog kind of fall by the wayside just doing a few things here and there. I want to say how sorry I am for that. Not just because I feel I'm letting you all down but I'm letting myself down. Stamping gives me such joy! To share what I make is like sharing a piece of me. :0)

I follow a lot of blogs and I have been rethinking my format. How can I change it to make it better? Well, first of more cards and instructions. Videos one per week(minimum).



I would like to have a schedule I can stick to every week. Like a post Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a video on Tuesday or Thursday of each week.  I would like to do blog candy once a month say the last Sunday of the month? 


And remember, you know for you posting here on this blog I will be drawing for a wonderful blog prize! Let's give everyone a couple of weeks to post their ideas. :0) I will draw on Sunday,April 29th, 2012 my time 8pm. I will also post May's blog candy! It's a fun one with alterable pieces...big package!!! And you can come back and post as many ideas as you can think of! And if I use your idea...BINGO! You will win a special prize...and you want to win this one!!! hehe

And again let me finish by saying you are all such special friends to me. It's hard to put into words how much your every comment and kindness means to me. I love you and appreciate you all!!! When I say I have the best blog followers anywhere I mean it!!!

Till my next post...


  1. Your blog is appreciated as well! I think your ideas sound wonderful, but be sure not to lock yourself into a schedule that is too hard to keep going. Even three days a week is a lot! I recommend having at least one day be something like a posting a link of interest to another blog or article--something that won't be a drain on your personal resources, but keeps you in touch with your readers.

  2. I think your proposed schedule is way too ambitious--at least, it would be for me. I'd aim at a project post once a week and a video once a week. That's two posting each week. Remember, you've got have time to actually do the project, film the video--that all takes a bunch of time. I'm sure nobody is going to object if you add a post here and there, or even find that you're able to manage a more robust schedule, but I'd opt for a schedule that will allow you to add, rather than having to delete because you're over burdened. BTW--I love your blog and could read it every day, but better that you remain sane in the process :)

  3. Shirley, make it two days for sure. Three is a lot. You need to take care of you, Lee and Jasper. I put you first because you have to be in great shape because Lee and Jasper need you more than anyone else. We all have to be reminded of that from time to time. Ladies am I right? Yes I am guilty of the same thing.
    Shirley I love your blog candys and your videos. I have learned many things that way. Love you DianeM

  4. I agree with the above posters! Start with 2 if you can manage, then if you have extra time, work up to more. We want to keep you around for a LONG TIME!

  5. I am with the other posters two is plenty. I also think that one a week is great. That way I have the whole week to work on the project that you posted and to try to make the card look as close to your project as possible. You see Shirley I send the cards that I make following your blog to family members and friends. So I would be happy with one posting a week. As far as your blog candy I think you are more than generous. I think if you take care of yourself and family first you will make all of you followers so so happy. Please take care of yourself and most of all take time to make yourself happy.

  6. I love to read your blog but I think that 4 to 5 times a week is too much work for you. How about twice a week? Would that be easier? I look forward to your ideas whenever you post them. And once a month sounds good for blog candy! You have so many great techniques. Whatever you decide, I will follow your blog!

  7. Shirley, Please, don't ever think you have let us down. We are all concerned about your health. You definitely come first and should take care of yourself. I love your blog and here's my idea. 2 posts a week, Monday could be a card day, Thursday a video on a technique, or just a tip or a link to one of the other blogs you think we all might be interested in. You have a lot on your plate and even tho I'd love to read your blog everyday as Debb said we want you around for a long time. This should be a fun thing, not a burden. You can always post more if you find you can manage it. You are the most generous person when it comes to blog candy. I don't know anyone who gives as much as you do. We LOVE you for that. Take care, my friend, I'm just so happy whenever I see a post from you.
    You make my day!!!
    Hugs2U and Lee,

  8. Are you going for Wonder Woman of the blog world? Don't over do. Of course we will devour your words & videos each time, but a twice weekly schedule will allow you time to stamp (as you always tell us), spend time with Lee & family, plus your frend will get to see you in person! No matter how many times you post, we will read. Oh, blog candy once a month is a great schedule and gives you the options of a little (and I mean a little) surprise here & there!

    Jeanne S.

  9. Wow Shirley - That is a huge commitment. You need to just do up to 2 a week. We all love your blog and want you to enjoy doing the blog. If you try to take on too much you will no longer enjoy it. It will become more of a job. I agree with the others. You are a wonderful inspiration and I enjoy your work and blog (even if it was only 1 time a week). You are wonderful.

  10. Shirley, Once a week is a lot to post if you are showing us a card project etc. Like Mary said - I can't keep up with more than that and don't always get to do all of your projects now :( I actually do more at card nights because it's scheduled and get to be with all our friends = so that makes it a priority for me. Monthly blog candy is very generous. I don't know how you do everything you do!! LindaN

  11. I agree with the comments about frequency. My comment is about content : I would like to see new techniques with instructions plus a video to demonstrate, like Split Coast has. For example, I would like to know how you made the purple pansies. Is purple every week too much? (Just kidding.) Now you know who wrote this comment - Paula

  12. I want a post and a video from you everyday with a totally different idea each time ...... KIDDING!!!!

    Family (human & furry) and life comes first .... craft second and blogging last :)

    Once a week is great ...... and then a video once a month .... it gives us all time to work on the project and still keep up with other commitments too.

    I think someone mentioned it above ... but you could always just point us in the direction of tutorials etc that you find too (if you find you a short of time) ... although I do much prefer to watch one of yours :)

    I love your posts ... but I never 'expect' them at a certain time/frequency ..... Remember this isn't a JOB ... it is a hobby and a community of like minded craft crazy people.

    From what I am reading it seems we all LOVE you! and agree that we totally LOVE your blog ..... so you probably don't have to change anything :)

    xoxoxoxoxxooxoxxooxoxoxoxoxxoxo Carly

  13. Hi Shirley, Please don't think that you have eer let anyone down. I enjoy every post, video, and card that you put on your blog. I think a card, technique or video once a week is plenty. I feel that your blog is wonderful as is and no change is needed.
    Congrats on the weight loss! I need to join the weight loss blog for sure, I can usually stick to a diet one day.... I love food!

    Thank you!

  14. Hi Shirley, I am sorry if you think that you feel like you have to post so much to make the people who follow your blog happy I am in total agreement with Carly once a week for a card demo and once a month for a video. That is alot for the most, and then if you do extra that would be a wonderful. Now as for candy I think that once every 1 or 2 months is just fine. JVH

  15. Hi Shirley! Your blog is perfect the way you do it. You do what you feel like doing. You need to enjoy it. I wouldn't change a way you do anything. You keep our attention, and teach us things along the way. Hope that you continue to do those things, but not going to mention you doing anymore than you already do. You have a great blog! Thanks for your hard work. Karen Sutton


  17. It seems everyone is in don't need a strict schedule as to when/how often to post.....just whenever the inspiration strikes you. We all love you and love your blog....but we don't want you to over-do it or for it to become a burden to you.

    As far a content....we all love learning new techniques and seeing new ideas. One of the things I love about blog hopping is seeing products that were used. I've found some great stamp companies that I would have never knew even existed if it weren't for stumbling across a blog that used a particular stamp that I just had to have. Maybe do a "favorite new product of the month" or something. Showcasing an item you purchased that month or the month before that you have really enjoyed using.

  18. I just discovered you and am so eager for ideas and tips and welcome them any day, any time, any way! People like you who share their creativity make it such fun to explore new things. I am so loving the artsy side of myself that I have just discovered. Stamping, painting, journaling and just soaking up the goodness that is out there... Thank you!

  19. Shirley we just want you to take care of yourself and post when you are inspired to do so. You are so very generous with your talent and inspiration, tutorials, blog candy and wonderful sweet comments.

  20. Hi Shirley i like that if you could maybe do 1 video a month during summer months that would be great sence there is so much to do with friends and family most of my family likes to travel to diffrent places to hike and do rock climing so i vote for 1 video and 2 cards a month thanks Jennifer M

  21. I think 1 video and 1 card a month is good if you have tiome for more that is nice but I think you come first, then if you can do more than that is nice but take care of you and Lee and the rest will follow

  22. I like 1 video and 1 card every 2 weeks I think that is good. Batia

  23. I think I like the idea someone else mentioned of doing a product review. I also like that your videos are not to long and drawn out. Kelly L.

  24. I think the blog candy is nice and I hope you will still do them but maybe just one every 2 months. I like the idea of a schedule too but maybe only twice a week till you see how it goes. DL