Saturday, April 28, 2012

Card Group Today At My House

Hi Everyone!

In just a while our monthly card group will be getting together at my house. We usually meet at Diane's. My house isn't exactly what I would call super clean but it sure is reasonably clean! LOL I have moved all my furniture in my living room and set up tables. I made 2 treats for each person. A two sided teabag holder made a bit larger for bags of mini M&M's along with a pretty stamped card on one side. And a pull up candy bar holder(I just love this one!) I have them sitting at the top right of their place settings.

I am teaching a Fortune Cookie Box with Fortune Cookies(my sister will video tape me while I demo and then I will post it later today). Aren't those boxes cute. I got them from another site over a year ago and have been dying to try them.

I also have a couple of cards they can make if they would like and time permits. Barb is also teaching a card today. So it will be fun. She is a good one for using texture, layers and tools we forget we had! :0)

Well, I must get the hamburgers and brats on the grill.(yes we are having food...lots of food!). So enjoy and I will return later tonight to share more pictures and a video.

I wish you all time to stamp today, and especially with friends!

Till my next post...