Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Winner of the Blog Candy is...

Carly it seems has shined on you once more. You are the blog candy winner. You are one lucky lady!

Congratulations to you and I want to thank everyone who entered to win.

Now for the big news! Everyone that entered this month for ANY for the blog candies is going to be entered for a big drawing on April 8th! And you will have an entry for each time you entered! I'm very excited about this one.

Take care and I hope you have all been having a great weekend!

Till my next post...


  1. I was there when my sister in law helped Shirley with the drawing and I was so amazed to see Carly won again. I must say that I am so happy for her.Carly has been following Shirley from the begining. I hope someday the two will get to meet.For now congratulations Carly I am so very happy for you.Mary

  2. Congrats to you again Carly. You had the luck of the Irish with you today. Good going girl. Enjoy all those beautiful goodies,


    1. I tell you Babe, with a last name like yours I thought you would win! :0) Hope your weekend was wonderful. I can't wait till the 30th for the announcement. And April is looking like a fun month of lots of blog candy! Lots more chances for everyone to win! :0)

  3. Oh my goodness! Really !!!! I can't believe it. I certainly did have the luck of the Irish today LOL ... my maiden name is McGloin ... so that must explain it ... we are Irish after all.

    Thankyou so much Mary and Babe for your lovely wishes.

    It really doesn't seem fair though! I would totally understand if you would like to do a re-draw Shirley!

    LOL .. can't believe it ..... I have never been a 'lucky' person .. but I certainly am here with both prizes and friendships.

    xoxoxo Carly

    1. Oh Carly, what a fun fact! Irish at that! :0) No re-draws here! LOL Besides I used and each draw costs $4.95...I'm not wasting that money! hehe

      I'm glad to have the Randomdraw option. It keeps it fair for everyone.

      Now let's hope your luck holds out when you go to Auction your house!!!!
      Big hugs and Congrats!

  4. It was very nice to meet you and your husband at Tonya's (Red Letter Journals) on Thursday before the Memories Expo event. You have such creative ideas and I will be following you to learn more. Thanks much and enjoy your day. Joi Mayernik, Columbus OH,