Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Day's My Brain Just Isn't In Gear! LOL :0)

Just a quick post to let you know I forgot to post 7 sets of wedding stickers from Jolee's on the blog candy post late last night(and I mean late).

I have them posted now. So if you already posted a comment(which some have) I hope you'll go back and check them out.

The bridesmaid sticker set is damaged. It's just the letters though so I think you'll still be able to get some use out of it. :0)

Thank you to Diane McNeill of Scrapbook Additions for helping me out with the paper pack and sticker sets to add to the wedding items from Tonya of Red Letter Journals in Grove City, Ohio.

Some people may hate it when they make a mistake. I use to get so upset with myself and from time to time I still do. But it seems not so much anymore. I realize that with each mistake I become something more...something better! What have I learned from this? How will it make me better? My blog better?

I will be more organized! I will have the peace of mind that I know when I post I have all the items ready to go. Such a simple thing to learn and to implement!!! I love these kind of mistakes...keeps me on my toes.

So don't forget to check out the new stickers posted.

Now on to a new post with a surprise!


  1. LOL you make me laugh .... I don't think anyone is going to mind that you forgot to put something on the picture. And you couldn't possibly make your blog better ... you already have great videos, links and helpful advice, cards that are inspiring and great great conversation (not to mention all the candy you offer!). This is my favourite place to stop by ..... xoxoxo Carly

  2. I agree with Carly. You have a GREAT blog, I also don't think anyone will mind if something slipped by you should not worry. Thanks for sharing so much with us.Mary

  3. Shirley - I have learned that stickers, elements, etc really cover up and enhance mistakes :)

    Your blog has come a long way from when you started it. I love your videos because you take time explaining how to do it and are not rushed like a lot of other blogs. Keep up the good work! LindaN