Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Blog Candy Time!

Well, it's about time I got this posted! :0) I have to say this is so much prettier in person. The wedding album is actually flocked. I was given all these items except the small paper pack by Tonya of Red Letter Journals in Grove City, Ohio. Again Tonya, thank you so much for your generosity!

I also have a blog candy surprise for anyone who posted on my VIVA LAS VEGASTAMPS FLAMINGO CARD! So look for the announcement on that tomorrow morning. :0)

The 12 x 12 papers have a nice sheen and there is one that is flocked. The stickers are so sweet. They would make wonderful cards too. Even the album with it's case would make a lovely little girls keepsake box and scrapbook. The little paper pack is from Scrapbook Additions an online company run by Diane McNeill. The papers are all shimmer or metallic. Oh so pretty in soft pastel shades.

SORRY ON MY FIRST POST I FORGOT TO POST THESE 7 SETS OF JOLEE'S STICKERS!!!(OK, the real scoop is I just found them going through the bags and boxes of blog candy I have set aside. I knew it seemed like I had forgotten something. I was right! HA!) They are from Diane McNeill's Scrapbook Additions Online company. :0)

So as usual to be entered to win just answer the following question on this post. The question for this blog candy is:

What is your favorite Wedding or Commitment Ceremony memory either your own or a wedding you have attended?

I have a few. The last one is a bit of a don't say I didn't warn you! (Barb please don't be upset but it is one of my favorite memories)

One when Lee & I married. When we got to the part "for richer or poorer", Lee started to laugh on the "poorer" he couldn't say it! I guess he knew my addiction to stamping would keep us in the poor house! LOL (not really but close...hehe)

Second, when my brother Dan got married in September 2000. I loved Dan's wife, Lisa's shoes! She had the cutest lacy tennis shoes. And the dancing...oh the dancing! Their wedding was laid back and very informal but fun fun fun! And we found out my other brother David had gotten engaged and Lisa was so kind to include Barb in the family wedding pictures!

And third. When my brother David married to Barb in December 2000. They moved up the wedding because her Father was very ill. And as it turned out so was our Father. I will always remember the loving way Barb's Father looked at her when they had the Father daughter dance. Their wedding was very formal and so elegant. Still very fun but it shows how different and lovely my whole family is! We are a wonderful bunch of people! Sadly both our Fathers passed away shortly after but it is a wonderful memory because all my family was there and for Barb so was hers. :0)

So good luck to you all...I look forward to hearing your memory or memories!

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow morning for my announcement for the people who posted on my VLVS Flamingo card!


  1. oh beautiful memories :)

    My favourite Wedding ceremony was my own ... to Steve .. 5 years ago. We got married on March the 10th so we just celebrated our anniversary (I painted the front fence while Steve worked on the back yard ... our house goes on the market tomorrow)

    But back to my memories .. it was a beautiful ceremony ... just perfect. It was a VERY hot day .... and I remember thinking to myself as we were standing in front of friends and family that I had either just wet myself or it was sweat running down my legs LOL ... it was sweat! thats how hot it was!

    xoxoxo Carly

    1. OMG! How funny!!! What a way to spend your Anniversary! :0) Good luck with your home. Do you have a place in mind to move to yet?

      And congrats on winning the surprise blog candy!

    2. Thankyou Shirley ..... yes we had no time to celebrate. We will make up for it when we find a new home! LOL

      We did find a place that I love but they have rejected our offer. Going to look at another one today.

      Thankyou so much for the blog candy!!!! I'm so happy!
      xoxoxo Carly

  2. One of my favorite wedding memories happened about 6 years ago. My neighbors, Rhonda and Terry, were looking forward to their 30th wedding anniversary and decided to do a marriage renewal. Rhonda asked me to plan it. So here I was the wedding planner. I made all the arrangements from flowers to food to favors, everything. And I was her Matron on Honor too. After the wedding, the reception was held at a local winery. Just hearing all the compliments on "Who did the table flowers?" the favors, etc. made me so happy. I did have lots of help from friends, we set up long tables in my garage and made the brides bouquet, and all the other decorations to turn that winery into a special garden paradise. I must say it was beautiful. And they are still married today!!!! LOL I haven't thought about that day in a long time, Shirley, Thanks for letting me re-live it.


  3. Yogi Bear was our best man....

  4. Beautiful blog candy Shirley! I hope I win:)
    My memory is of my wedding. We got married at a church that was getting ready to start Vacation Bible School the next day. They had 5 foot flamingos in the front yard of the church so my mom(God love her) went out and made a veil for one and a top hat and bow tie for the other. We took our pictures with the flamingo's - lol. It was a beautiful day and I am proud to say that I have been married to my best friend for coming up on 8 years now!
    Thanks for the chance to win Shirley!
    Michelle C

  5. My favorite memory is that my grandma was able to come to my wedding! She was so happy and had so much fun. She was born in Scottland, so in her honor we had bagpipes playing as people entered the reception. She was so surprised and loved them!!! Sadly, she passed away before my youngest son was born. His name is Clark - named for my dear sweet grandma- her maiden name was Clark :). Lisa Sabula

  6. My favorite memory is when my sister was married at the courthouse in London,Ohio. We all put on our best and went and shared a day with a couple that loved each other more than anyone I have ever met. After the ceremony we all went to dinner at a small resturant in town. It was a day that was filled with so much love and happinesss. Mary

  7. Shirley your blog candy is Phenomenal!!
    I have 2 favorite wedding memories. The first at at my sister Kathy's wedding. At the reception just after eating and before dancing Kathy and her new husband Hugh invited everyone to sing their facorite song or part of a song with the word love in it. Everyone had a chance to sing if they wanted to and most people did even if they were a bit shy. It was like everyone gave a little part of themselves to make their wedding so special.
    At my sister Ann's wedding all my siblings and their families were able to make it. My mom and my brother Mike had both been very ill for months and they both came and it made everything so wonderful almost magical. All my sons were there and they live all over the country. The youngest member of all was my new little granddaughter only 3 days old. Family photos from this event are really cherished, four generations together to celebrate!!
    Both my mom and my brother Mike passed away a short time later.

  8. My favorite wedding memory? My parents reaffirmed on their 40th anniversary, very touching and of course, when Andre & I said our vows. The funniest was when I married my ex over 33 years ago and had a beautiful outdoor wedding, romantic untill 2 bees flew up under my veil and did the buzzing mating dance between the veil & my nose! Our minister had his hand under my veil trying to shoo the bees out while I'm dancing around!! Too bad the marriage didn't have as many light moments!!! Another wonderful wedding was Diane's dtr, Jenn's. I watched her grow from a kindergartner to a beautiful bride. I was blessed to be there with Andre, Paula & Harry. One special photo will always be dear to me and the is the one of Diane, Paula, me....sisters of other mothers. This is a beautiful blog candy and I would LOVE to win it since I plan on doing one for my niece as a gift.

    Jeanne S.

  9. I really want to win this. I have 3 wedding albums to do for my family's current wedding. I'd love to win this! Jeanne S.

  10. Last year I drove to St. Louis, Mo for a distant cousin's wedding. It took place in a botanical garden (beautiful) and the reception was in a museum overlooking downtown St. Louis (awesome) It was a round building so you depth preception always felt off. I was reluctant to go since I didn't know these relatives very well but I had a great time and everybody made me feel welcomed.
    Barb Mechling