Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Matter What Comes Our Way...WOO HOO! :0)

I've heard it said bad things happen in 3's but wouldn't you know it mine come in 4's! (not really bad things per say, let's just call them incidents) LOL

First off I injured my elbow over a week ago. Boy does it hurt(and burn). Had it checked and it's a torn tendon. Good news no breaks or fractures. Woo Hoo! :0)

Then Monday we had our van repaired. Let me say now I will forever be careful of running up over curbs!(I really damaged the ramp for the wheelchair). Good news paid cash and it's fixed. Woo Hoo! :0)

Then on Tuesday(yesterday) Lee had an appointment to have his yearly ultrasound of his liver, bladder and kidneys. Normally I would go back if he needed help transferring from his wheelchair to the examining table. But with my arm in a sling, I sat this one out. When he came out of the room he had marks over and to the side of his right eye. It seems Lee lost his balance so he fell against the table and hit the metal trim. Lee said he hit it so hard he saw stars. He said he thought he was going to pass out. This morning he has one heck of a shiner! He was getting help but they didn't know to wait and threw Lee off balance. Good news, he'll live! hehe We talked and realized that this new facility are not used to Quadriplegics like him. From now on no matter what I will be with him to make sure he has safe transfers. Most of all we can laugh about it and he's OK! Woo Hoo! :0)

Then last night after I got home from a really fun "31 party" I thought it was really getting chilly in the house. That's because our furnace went out! Good news, we have electric heaters on in every room...temp in house 79 degrees! Help me I'm about to sit around in a swim suit! It's hotter in here now then when we run the furnace!!! We're scheduled for repair service! Woo Hoo! :0)
update; lucky again the part is only $175! Woo Hoo!

So no matter what comes our way...Woo Hoo! :0) We are going to see the funny/bright side of it no matter what. We are going to be grateful for what we DO have! Things are good! Life is good! Lee and I may feel like we lead boring lives compared to some but life keeps us on our toes(as well as our aging appliances...hehe).

Best of all we got some snow today! I've been waiting for winter to finally get here. Right now it is softly falling. Oh so pretty. I hope you are all staying safe and warm.

As always, I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...