Friday, January 13, 2012

NyQuil On The Rocks!

I'm going to make this short and sweet. I have caught one bad cold. I am now just getting over the cough. NyQuil gives you a little itty bitty cup to measure the dosage. I laugh at the little cup! HA HA! I have resorted to just chugging it from the bottle!

As I lay in bed I worry that I have so much to post, so much to tell you about. (Just wait till you see the blog candy this month!) I'm wandering how you are all doing.

Last week I received one of the most wonderful handmade gifts of my entire life!!! I am going to post it tomorrow no matter what. And there will be a surprise with the post so don't forget to stop back.

OK, it's time for my NyQuil on the rocks! :0) I hope you are all well and staying warm.

Till my post tomorrow...


  1. Sorry to hear you're sick. I know what you mean about chugging down the medicine. I've done it too. If 2 tablespoons is recommended surely half the bottle will get me well in no time. LOL Please get well soon.


  2. OH no! So sad to hear you are unwell. Get plenty of rest and hopefully you feel much better very soon.

    I wish I could come and help you!

    xoxoxo Big Hugs

  3. Something is really going around. My whole family has had it. Take care of yourself and get better soon!