Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Blog Candy Time!

I guess a picture will have to do for now! UGH!!! I have been trying to download my video of me using it and I don't know what has happened. Could a video be too long to post on You Tube? But never fear! I will post a few this week of me using mine so you can see how wonderful this machine is!!!

So first let's thank Tonya from RED LETTER JOURNALS in Grove City, Ohio for making this lovely prize package available! You are a real gem to help me make one Scrapbooker or Rubber Stamper very happy!

The prize will include the Grand Calibur retail $139.99
Spelbinders Grand Templates:
Crative Book Pages retail $49.99
Creative Book Pages Two retail $59.99

This package is worth retail $249.97 YEAH!!! (if you already own this machine I will work with you to give you the same amount of prize $$$ in dies for your machine. You can pick out which ones you would want and I will order them and ship them right out to you)

How do I win it you may ask :0)

Answer the following questions on this post.

As the new year begins I find myself wondering should I do smaller prizes every month OR a LARGE prize every 3 months?

I can't wait to hear what you have to say. I appreciate all your comments and input in helping me make my blog better! And now for the second question:

My sister and I are doing some more "spring cleaning" of our supplies. I was thinking about putting together packages including papers with their matching embellishments along with stamp sets. The Question is:

I thought it might be fun to offer them as little prizes as we go thru everything instead of putting them in our yearly yard sale. Would you be interested in me posting them to win for free on my blog??? Of course if you have the sets or papers you could pass but I was wondering how you would feel about it. :0)

I hope you have had a great weekend and I can't wait to see who wins! Also I am allowing ALL entries no matter where you live. I have many followers from outside the USA and I appreciate each and everyone of you so I want you to have a chance too!

And most importantly, everyone who has ever done my blog candy knows I always have and extra prize! And my second prize is pretty great too!

Take care and Good Luck to you all!

Till my next post...


  1. Shirley -- I just can't NOT comment on this one -- the grand calibur?! AWESOME! I recently tried out for the spellbinders design team.. no luck there.. lol. It's ok though! I have a feeling it would have been a HUGE commitment, and I'd rather get my Etsy shop back up and running! :)

    I think the prizes depend on what sort of traffic you want for your blog.. or even on WHY you do the candy to start with :) sit down for a minute with a pen and review why you do your candy.. I bet the answer will come to you on your own :)

    As for the yard sale goodies -- if you make decent money on them.. I'd keep them in the yard sale :)

    1. Wow, this is spectacular!! I am torn between large and small prizes. It is fun to attempt to win prizes often, but it is wonderful to try for a prize like this. I guess I would vote for large because I probably would not splurge on something like this for myself.

      As far as the spring cleaning goes, maybe split them, some for the sale some for prizes.

      Thank you and Tonya for the opportunity!!!

  2. Wow, this is spectacular!! I am torn between large and small prizes. It is fun to attempt to win prizes often, but it is wonderful to try for a prize like this. I guess I would vote for large because I probably would not splurge on something like this for myself.

    As far as the spring cleaning goes, maybe split them, some for the sale some for prizes.

    Thank you and Tonya for the opportunity!!!

  3. Shirley--- what an amazing prize! As for trhe question, I think the smaller prizes are just fine. no doubt about it, the large prize is awesome, but small prizes are just as fun.

    As the cleaning goes, it would be nice to win, or just let me know when the yard sale is going to take place. :)

    also, I hope that the random generator loves me, for this blog candy!!! *keeping my fingers crossed*

    Thank you!

  4. Wow Shirley! You really go all out on your blog candy. This is an amazing prize for any one who wins.
    I like the smaller prizes and you always go above and beyond.
    I would not mind winning your stash of goodies but if you do a yard sale. I am there! I love scrapbook yard sales. I got a ton of items this past weekend at one.

    Thank you for this chance to win a spell binder!
    Michelle C

  5. Shirley - This is an amazingly generous piece of blog candy that you have posted. Someone will be one happy scrapper/stamper with this. I think your "small" prizes are pretty big, but monthly prizes might keep your traffic consistent on your blog. It was so fun to spend the day with you and the other ladies in Plumwood. I enjoyed your stories!!!!!! Jill S.

  6. Shirley,This is amazing blog candy. I think I like them both. Your small prizes are really big that is what I think. So I can't imagine what you would call big. Thank you for a chance to win. Jennifer M

  7. Wow! What a huge gift from Red Letter Journal. The templates are awesome choices. Looking at the spellbindes there are few ideas running through my head to make at our card group in the coming months. If I win I will have to change my idea of what we are making in February. I can finally purchase one of two of the bigger dies that I liked. I was actually drooling over them. Thank you for the chance to win. Diane M
    PS Yes you can give away papers and sets that would be awesome. I always love your paper coordinations.

  8. Shirley, you simply amaze me. This is the biggest candy I've seen. What a fabulous prize. When you said it was going to be great, you weren't kidding!! I don't own a die cutting machine, but I know how costly they are. WOW, I'd love to win this. As far as your questions go, I agree with DeeDee about what your objective is. Do you want more followers or are you rewarding your faithful ones. I've noticed on other blogs when the candy is a big item, you get more comments. But do they stay followers? I don't have a blog but if I did and I offered a large prize, I'd be a little upset if someone won it and then I never heard from them again. I prefer the smaller prizes more often. Your small blog candies are really big ones anyway. I follow you because I'm interested in what is going on in your life, not for the candy. A stamp set, or dsp or even ribbon is a nice generous gesture on your part to say thanks for following. If you want to use your goodies as blog candy, I'm sure everyone would enjoy receiving them. Thank you Shirley and Tonya for a chance to win this fabulous prize. I still can't believe it!!


  9. Shirley! WHAT AN AMAZING PRIZE!!!!!!! I was thinking about all the creative scrapbook pages I could make and cards with this blog candy prize! WWWWOOOOOWWWW!!!!! I do not own one yet, but I would sure love too! The only bad thing is that my kids and husband may never see me.....I would want to be making scrapbooks and cards all day long!!!!! Thank you so much for offering this as a prize!!!! How fun!
    In reply to your question, big prizes can be fun and exciting, but I have to say that I really enjoy the way that you have been doing it. I love your blog candies big and small. It gives me something to look forward to each month!
    Question number of the most difficult parts of making cards is putting all the right colors and embellishments together. So, I would love if you put the items together for blog candies. You are so good at it! However, if you choose the yard sale........would you please let me know when it is going to be! I would love to be there sometime!

    Thank you soooo much for the opportunity to win your blog candy!

  10. All I can say is "WOW!" This is a huge blog candy! Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my chin!! While large blog candy is nice, I think smaller sets every month is the way to go. More followers will get a chance to win, don't have to wait 3 months between candies and it will clear your cabinets out quicker! Or I can back up my van to your door and you can start tossing things in!! I can't wait to see who wins this blog candy!! My fingers are crossed!!

    Jeanne S.

  11. Oh my goodness Shirley! You have really outdone yourself this time (hey what does that even mean anyway LOL) ....
    This is the most SPECTACULAR blog candy I have ever seen! Oh my goodness ... imagine winning something like this .. how delightful!

    And to answer your questions on blog candy .. I love smaller more frequent prizes .. it gives us more hope LOL!

    And as for spring cleaning!!! I would love to win any sorts of craft bits n bobs for candy!!!! Sounds like a great idea ... recycling!

    xoxoxo Carly

    PS Can't wait to see your video ... xoxo Carly

  12. ooohhh ooohhh I just thought of an idea! With your 'yard sale' stuff ... what if you had a 'secret bid thing' ... I don't know what the real name is (if there is such a thing!) but you could pick a $$ figure for your yard sale stuff .. could be 20cents could be $20 and the person that gets the closest wins it! You could purchase more candy with these funds, or give them to a charity .......
    Just a thought ........

  13. Grand Callibur.... and what awesome Spellbinder dyes!!!You have got to be KIDDING!!!! What an awesome Blog Candy!! and thanks to Red Letter Journal! Small or large blog candy?... we love all your blog candy - no matter what!

    Sumi P.

  14. WOW on blog candy this month!! Thanks to Red Letter Journal for helping you and blog candy! I'm torn between your choices - monthly or quarterly. You are so generous with blog candy that I don't think it matters as your monthly candies are always enormous! As for you and Mary offering your yard sale items - I think that is wonderful - all of us monthly card club members at Diane's drool over all your stuff. I am amazed at how organized you are in your wonderful scrap room! Linda N

  15. Shirley, This is such an awesome blog candy. Then you add the Spellbinder dyes also. I am still in shock that you will send your blog candy to anywhere - even here in UK; so if someone wins who already owns this COOL machine, you will help them with the dies of their dreams. Do you think lightning could strike twice? I really hope so; I see so many dies that I want when I am bouncing from site to site, always looking for the best price! Thanks again for the wonderful blog candy you sent me. This stuff is a treat to use! Batia in the UK

  16. Shirley,
    This is one awesome blog candy prize! You totally rock, girl! Regarding the size of the blog candy, I like the fun of seeing what you offer every month, but I know it must take a lot of your time. As far as the yard sale, I say - sell it - then buy yourself more goodies! Treat yourself for a change!

    1. Hi Shirley
      Oh I can't believe your fantastic blog candy!!! My poor little cuttlebug bit the dust so I am sure glad I will get a chance to win this.
      It is great to have large or small blog candy asit is always nice to receive ANY gift be it new or slightly used.....if it works I say great. But if you get a chance to sell it at a yard sale and get some money to replenish your stock then go for it.

      This is coming as a reply not a post comment as I couldn't get the comment screen to stay.


  17. Holy Moly Shirley! And Holy Moly to Tonya too! That's an amazing prize! Huge thanks to both of you! That rocks my socks right off! And now my feet are cold!

    I would say smaller prizes monthly. That would keep consistent traffic on your blog;)

    I'm a sucker for paper and love it when things coordinate! I would be up for those packages either way - as blog candy or at your garage sale! Which by the way, when's that?!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep rockin' girl!


  18. Shirley,
    I love your blog candy. Learning to use that and playing with all the supplies will keep someone happy and busy for a long time. All the girls can come play with it in my basement if I win.....and I hope I do.

    I think smaller and monthly blog candy would be wonderful. I enjoyed the video of Lee and Jasper. Jasper was trying to upstage Lee (LOL).



  19. Hi Shirley, I think smaller and monthly for the blog candy. You are so generous! I alo agree that you should sell surprise packages - what fun it would be to buy a surprise! Thanks so much for sharing. Lisa sabula

  20. What an amazing prize. I personally like the idea of a small prize every month. I also love the idea of making your clean out goodies prizes.

  21. Shirley! Marvelous! This is wonderful blog candy. You really are so sweet. I can tell how much you love living by your generosity. And, I thank you so much for what you did for me! I was so surprised, but loved it!

    I think that blog candy every month is a good way to build up your follower. As a stamper, I know it is really hard to ruin a stamp set to the point where it cannot be used again, and I personally would love receiving sets that you put together to give as blog candy. You could even do regular monthly candy from your spring-cleaning sets and then maybe twice a year do something different. Whatever you decide I’m sure will be wonderful, because you are a wonderful and special person. I know that God has put us in each other’s paths. I’m thankful for that.

  22. Hi Shirley, What great blog candy!! I like the idea of a small prize. It is nice to win something big but not necessary. Shirley your candy is far better than anything eles I have seen out there. Your generosity is is unheard of in todays society. I think God has sent the craft world a angel and that angel is known as Shirley. Thank you for a chance to win. Joann

  23. I like the blog candy every month. I really like the this gift. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome gift.

  24. I prefer monthly candy! I also like the idea of paper packs as extras. You are the best! I would love to win this prize. It is something II have never tried! Super prize package! Denise

  25. I prefer small packages.I also like the idea that the card kits would make it fast and easy for sending cards. Tammy T.

  26. Shirley!!!!

    My goodness! A Grand Calibur for your blog candy! I have always wanted to try one!!! I love your monthly blog candies. They are always wonderful!
    Someone above suggested to have a silent bid on your yard sale items. That could be fun! I do love your color combinations that you put together. I would love if you used them as blog candies or a silent bid. How Fun!!!

    Thank you Shirley for all that you do!!!!!!


  27. Hi Shirley,

    This month's blog candy is awesome!!! Every blog candy is fun, big or small. I personnally like the small or monthly. I always look forward to them.
    I like the idea of you putting your packets together. I think that is the most difficult part of making the card. So, it would be nice to have it all together!!!!!!
    Thank you Shirley and Red Letter Journal for the wonderful blog candy prize!!!!!!!!


  28. What a nice treat to come across you Blog. I found the link thru Red Letter Journal's web page. What a great gift package, too! I've only been there once, because I don't live in the area, but I'm coming to visit in Feb. and was checking it out online.

    I vote for monthly drawings to keep your name/site frequently on people's minds.

    Free stuff is always fun, too. Maybe sell what you can at your yard sale, (invest that back into your business) then use the treasures left over for your give-aways.

    Thanks, and I will keep watching for your videos.
    Kim K.


  30. OH MY, WHAT A FANTASTIC PRIZE !!!! I like the idea of small prizes. The idea of card kits would be a blessing. When I am at our local craft store I ask for help with color combination's. I must say they have so many colors,textures and patterns out now it is almost impossible to chose, so any help would be a blessing. Kathy P.

  31. Shirley--You are so generous!! As far as the question of large/quarterly or smaller/more frequent blog candies, I'd have to ask you: What gives you the most pleasure?? One of the things I love most about your blog are the unexpected surprises that you toss in.

    I think your idea of packaging things you no longer use is a great idea for blog candy!! What a nice way to share with other papercrafters.

  32. This is an awesome prize! I think smaller prizes every month would be more exciting keeping readers check in the site more often.

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  34. I forgot to check on anyone who wasn't able to post but did email me!
    This post is for PaulaC.
    Good luck and you are in the drawing!