Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Blog Candy Time!

All I can say is I really need to figure out how to use my camera. My friend even sent me directions to make an Infinity Board to help with my photos but look at my pictures!?! You should really see how lovely the papers and embellishments really look. The overlays are beautiful!! I keep asking myself what am I doing wrong with this camera...oh well, I digress! Let's get down to some blog candy!

This is just a small blog candy before the big reveal on this Sunday. I want to thank you all who made comments on Joe's Blog and mine. So what I would like to do is give you a chance for each comment you made on Joe's blog, my blog and if you post on my last blog and tell me what you like about my Sister-in-law's first card I will put your name in for another chance for this blog candy. SO for EACH comment on all these posts you will have your name put in for the drawing!

What you see pictured is for the first name drawn since you know me I just can't give away one prize package! It's so much more fun to have one more surprise to give away! So I will be drawing for one extra prize and I will video tape it so you can see who wins! :0)

So have fun posting on all the posts. If you are having problems posting remember you can always email me and I will post your comments for you. (stampinshirl@aol.con)Hopefully Blogger has fixed the problem...but I'm not hopeful! hehe

So take care and remember there are two prize packages! :0)

I will be drawing for this blog candy on Friday Jan 27, 2012. Good Luck All!


  1. Yipppeee you are back! How are you feeling?? All better I hope.

    Gorgeous Blog Candy! What is an Infinity Board?

    xoxoxo Carly

  2. Hi shirley! you are too much. this blog candy is beautiful. It colors remind me of the beach. Hope to see you soon, and hope you are feeling all better!!
    Love, Lisa Sabula

  3. Glad that you're feeling better :) Gorgeous blog candy. How are you getting on with your Zing? After some initial false starts and confusion, I'm now confidently cutting. My biggest learning: the blade only needs to barely peek out of the blade holder. I think my first attempts failed because I had the blade extended too far.

  4. Hi Shirley!
    I like this way of commenting. Before when I tried it took me to a blank page! This is much simplier.
    Well, I cannot believe all the things you are offering as blog candy! You are a wonderful person, and I'm so glad I got to meet you. Hope to see you again on January 29th, at the Red Letter Journals. Have a great day! Toota-loo, Karen Sutton

  5. Shirley,
    You are so generous! What a beautiful selection of items! Wow! And I'm glad you're finally on the mend! Hopefully you will continue to get stronger!
    If you don't mind, I will answer Carly for you. An Infinity board is something like what photographers use to make a background look seamless, like the floor and wall are just one piece. So to make one to take photographs of cards, you use paper that makes up the bottom and back of the area you will be photographing on. Hope I didn't make that too confusing!

  6. Shirley,
    Just beautiful blog candy! It is right up my alley with the birds and all!

  7. Hey Shirley, Great blog candy, as usual. I love the colors and the bird accessories. You are a dear for offering such great goodies. I feel so spoiled when I win one. Thanks again,


  8. Wonderful... candy... so generous! Glad you stopped by... can't wait to see your Valentine!!!

  9. I love your blog candy Shirley! These colors, I am sure are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Michelle C

  10. I love the blog candy! It is beautiful!

  11. The paper and other items are really pretty. I love the colors, the birds, and the butterflies! The cards that can be made from these papers and other items will be very nice!

    I am glad that you are feeling better!


  12. K&Co. has always been a favorite of mine - everything they produce is beautiful. Jill S.(

  13. It finally works now. I don't know what changed but I am happy, I felt I was missing out. Love this blog candy. It really makes you think spring, did someone say spring is coming soon. February 2nd Ground Hog Day is coming. Early spring I hope.
    Love this blog candy, I am drooling. LOL

  14. Hi Shirley this blog candy is so cool! I have been thinking of all the diffrent places I can get the napkins like the one Joe used for the frames. Mary G

  15. Hi Shirley

    Are you in shock. I have no idea what I'm doing but I at least made it to your blog. You were right it is great candy. You are just too good. I saw one of my cards what a surprize.
    Barb (b_mechling@ahoo)