Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh my, where do I begin!!!

All I can say is it is so true the saying:

"It is give and not receive in return!"

In my heart I feel like I try hard to do my small part in the world around me. :0) I give when I can and as much as I can. Sometimes not so much. Sometimes just a hug or smile. The last 2 years have been the hardest I have ever faced in my life. Our home took major damage this past year and last year Lee shattered his tibia and fibia on his left leg(the doctor was ready to remove his leg!). It took over a year to heal and still not properly. But his leg was saved! We have lived through the flooding of our home...with lots of laughs! But most of all I have witnessed one miracle after another! I have experienced more kindness from family, friends and my neighbors than I could ever elaborate here! (I could write a novel bigger than War & Peace about all the wonderful things that have happened to me! My one neighbor surprised me for watching her 2 dogs, 4 hamsters and 2 fish with paying for my eye exam and new glasses!) So as the year ended Lee and I realized that somehow everything seems so small and insignificant compared to all we have been given!

To you my lovely blog fiends, I wish you a year filled with the joy you have shared with me this past year. And should you need a smile, a laugh, some inspiration or someone to lean on...remember you are never alone! I love and appreciate you all!!! Thank you for making my year a blessing come true!

Now lets have some fun this year!!! I have some cool videos coming up that I will be posting next week. (we are still having family in this weekend to finish up the last of the Christmas house is the place to be for the holidays! HA!)

I'm still catching up on emails and Facebook page posts so bear with me! :0)

Take care and as always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...