Friday, December 9, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere...

(I was unable to figure out how to add the video to this post from you tube...ugh! But if you type in WATER IN VENTS on you tube my video will come up. It's under StaminShirley. When I figure out how to do it i will come back and add it to this post)

As you can see from the video we have had a fun time around here! LOL My hubby said not to post the video so if you talk to him...ssssshhhhhh! :0) I totally understand why he feels that way. :0) My neighbor called to ask if we wanted her to pump us out(thanks Tonia) but it just fill back up so there just isn't anything anyone can do to help us with it. But it's nice to know so many people would like to help. My friend Diane said if she could get the equipment she'd come over and do it for me! LOL And anyone that knows Diane knows shw WOULD do it too! LOL!!!

I'm just now catching up. I've been on the run this past week and trying to get ready for more company that's coming in 2 weeks. I have enjoyed reading all your comments. I hope everyone is doing well and having fun getting ready for the holidays.

As of this morning we have only 2 inches in the vents. The worse part of not having proper drainage is that we are unable to run water like we normally do. I'm doing laundry at the laundromat than bringing it home to dry. Of course not being able to do dishes is kind of a nice break for me. Ordering out makes it a bit easier. But not being able to flush the toilet is just gross! We usually have one toilet that will work no matter what but this year the foundation really received major damage from the freeze we had so now when this happens we can't use either.(let's not think to long on that...icky huh!) Our home is a ranch style on a cement slab. It's 2,800 square feet on a 2 1/2 acre lot. So to have drainage tiles run to the front and back of the lot(which the contractor did not do and the VA Inspector never caught), our septic lines repaired and to have the foundation fixed to replace all the heating vents is going cost big $$$. I think at least my hubby (Lee) and I are keeping a pretty good attitude about the whole mess. We know it will get fixed eventually so worrying doesn't fix anything! :0) Besides at least this time we were able to shower. So as of today we are able to flush both toilets! WOOHOO! hehe I'm just not able to do much else yet. So another trip to the laundromat today.

Oh, and by the way our kitty Woody got fixed this week and pulled through just fine. I brought him home yesterday and we have just been babying him something terrible. Our phones are not working and we finally have a appointment for Monday the 12th! It's hard to understand what anyone is saying. I think my Christmas shopping is done. I still am making cards but should be finished by next week. Hopefully after next week I will get to get out and see some friends. (That means you Tonya and my 2 Joes maybe even Betty!)

It's funny how busy everyone's lives are, mine included. But no matter how busy I get I always thinking about you all and look forward to blogging! I haven't got any cards to post today but maybe later next week.