Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cards and Gifts From Our Stamping Group

Hello again my dear blog followers!

Before it get's to late I wanted to share the cards I received from some of the women I stamp with here locally. Our group of gals get together once a month for stamping, good food and lots of laughs. I have enjoyed it so much this year. And I don't even need to say a word about how talented they are, all you need to do is look at all their wonderful cards to see it! :0)

The first card is from Paula. Sadly my camera didn't do a very good job on showing the soft swirls of the cream background. The perfectly cut out gold embossed ornament, gold bow and popped up off the background has perfect symmetry. The card has a simple elegance and class to it. Plus she is so funny! I loved her message inside! I really did laugh out loud when I read it! Wonderful job!

The 2nd card is from Sonja. I love how she used an embossing folder that has a tulip border, but covered it just enough to have only the scallops showing. I always pictured it using spring flowers. I like that she thought out of the box! The soft Crumb Cake star of the lyrics to "Joy to the World" behind the rich Cherry Cobbler Red color sentiment with matching seam binding and colored pearl is so put together. Great job! Now if I can get that song out of my head...LOL!

The 3rd card is from Linda. What a bright and cheery step card! I absolutely love the pop of the yellow. The gold embossed sentiment is so nice too. What a great card and I know she did a lot of work on it. Isn't it fun to get different shaped cards! :0) Super Job!

The 4th card is from Barb. One thing I can say about ALL of Barb's cards is that she is very detail oriented. Did you notice the soft little pines on the background and how she did a touch of color around the cream base layer? And the way she layered the sentiment with the end of the decorative label punch was a nice touch. But of course I have to mention the bling! I loved the glittery snow roof. Great Job!

The 5th card was from Susan. I love that I got 2 step cards. I love them both!!! I have to say my favorite thing was the sentiment inside. "Family & Friends are the true gifts of Christmas". How true! But I must say the I love the decorative paper and the white swirl under the reindeer. Isn't this a lovely scene with the reindeer and pine tree cluster? Wonderful Wonderful!

Now the last card came from Diane. She stopped by to deliver the card and she came bearing gifts! And a lot of them as you can see from the pictures. Her card is so lovely. The decorative paper is stamped with the sentiment. (I always think "why didn't I think to do that" when I see stamping right on the decorative paper.) Her focal point is colored to give it real depth with her shading and of course I love the glittery centers! :0) She gave Lee and I her homemade hot chocolate mix with mint marshmallows. Can you say totally yummy! She gave us a lovely candle and holder. It smells like summer. I am going to burn it in my stamping studio to inspire me to think warm tropical breezes! But the gift I think I can say anyone that knows Diane would love the most is her homemade coconut balls(she could put Mounds candy out of business!) and buckeyes. Trust me when I say they won't last long. I think she hadn't got to the end of my driveway before Lee ate a buckeye! I enjoyed looking at the wedding album she had made for Jennifer (her daughter who recently married) and talking about projects we would like to do in upcoming card nights. It was so fun to have her visit.

I have a few more cards I'm going to post from other stampers I know. So, as you can see from these cards we have a talented group of stampers that meet each month. They have added so much inspiration, caring friendship and love to my life. I hope that I will always be the kind of friend and inspiration they have been to me.

Now I have to go turn on the radio...I keep singing Joy To The World! LOL

Take care and I can't wait to post the next batch of cards. Your going to love them!

Till my next post...