Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Cndy #2

I just love all these new gadgets that come out and who doesn't love some glitz!

In this blog candy prize is:

I bought the following products from CREATE & CRAFT(their site is listed on my blog)

2 Pk Glitz glitter wheels "winter 1 and winter 2" ($16.99 each)
along with an anti-static brush ($2.95)
(a tip about this glitter I learned from owner Joe Rotella. Keep the glitter stored in it's wheel since each color in the wheel is made from one main color so when you use it, you eye sees cohesive colors flowing from one color to the next.)
1 pack PK Glitz of 4 sheet "Wonder Film" (it can be used on fabric and stays flexible!)

Joe and his staff do classes at Red Letter Journal in Grove City, Ohio. He will have some upcoming glitter ones and some advances glitter classes that are very informative. Joe and his staff are fun, friendly and helpful. I always go away from their classes energized and ready to play and use all the new stamping techniques I learned from them. :0)

These items I purchased at Red Letter Journals In Grove City, Ohio:

1 Sew Stamper(straight with the handle)($8.99)
1 Sew Stamper Scallop Wheel(each wheel $3.99 )
1 Sew Stamper Zig Zag Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Burst Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Cross Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Hem Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Blanker Wheel
(these are self inking!)
1 3pack Tim Holtz "Winter 2011" Distress Ink Pads3 gorgeous holiday colors)($17.99)

This blog candy prize is worth $100!

So to win answer on THIS POST the following question:

Do you do projects where you alter an item? And what item did you alter or would you like to try?

I will be taking a class next month from Diane of Scrapbook Additions is teaching. We will be altering a wooden artist painters tray from 7 Gypsies. It has 12 little spots and has a piece so it can be hung on the wall. I can't wait to post mine when it's done!

I can't wait to hear your answers. And most of all Good Luck!

Now to go and post # 1 blog candy...hold's a huge prize!

Till my next post...


  1. I want to visit Joe and Joe so bad!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be amazing to take classes from them! :D I'm JEALOUS -- I'm also jealous of your altering class.. we live in a pretty small town where things like that aren't too popular.. but inside my studio they reign supreme! I've altered globes, trays, books, matchboxes.. OH OH OH! And I JUST PICKED UP A BIRD BATH TO ALTER! got it for FREE. I know it's going to be amazing! I cannot wait to see what you do with your 7gypsies tray! they have such nice products!

  2. The only thing I've ever made was a tray with broken china pieces grouted in. I took a class for that. It was fun. I've seen so many beautiful things on peoples blogs that they've altered, tins, mini albums, but I've never tried them. Can't wait to see yours. Have a great time at your class.


  3. I have not tried my hands at altering anything yet but I have been searching the web for some great ideas. I found alot of great ideas for christmas decorations that I may work on after the holidays and when I find some old items at the "junk" store to re-energize.
    As always your blog candy is amazing.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Michelle C

  4. Hi Shirley, I haven't ever done a project to alter something. I can't wait to see the project you make at diane's class!! Lisa Sabula.

  5. ooooohhhhh another sensational prize!!!!!! Oh my goodness! All these things that I didn't even know you could get!!! Very exciting!

    I have altered a tin ... did a concertina type thing so I could put photos in it. But other than that I haven't. I've seen gorgeous projects and would love to try.

    Can't wait to see the project you make!!! Sounds wonderful!!!!!!

    Thankyou for the chance to win such a delightful prize.

    xoxoxox Carly

  6. Wow, I am so boring....I have just made ceramic tiles into coasters....Thankking Miss Terry at Red Letter for the ideas...

  7. I altered a serving tray at a class that my friend gave last year. Jill S. (

  8. This question is so ironic as I got a Thanksgiving card from you with the coolest ribbon bow on it that I said I have got to keep/alter that ribbon as I LOVE IT!!

    Well, I made a hairbow out of it for my 2 yr granddaughter and am going to email you a picture of her wearing it soon :)

  9. Hi Shirley I have only altered a few glass picture frames. I sand blasted them to look frosted then stamped and painted them.Marilyn G.

  10. I haven't altered much. I think I did a CD case once. I have a lot of projects in mind, like mosaic pieces on a wooden birdhouse. So many things I want to do, so little time..... LOL

  11. I have altered a few things around our house, but I would love to try a few more elaborate items. What an exciting blog candy!

  12. I just altered a frame.....will be showing on 12/15 on my blog, , to submit to a Design Team tryout!

  13. Hi, great blog candy. The only thing I have altered is some towels and a few sheets.I could not find what I wanted for a guest bathroom. I ended up with some plain towels and mixed some dye till they came out with the color I wanted and then embroidered and beaded them. They came out very nice.Tia T.

  14. I love to alter treasures and found objects!! I recently made a pen/brushes storage unit for my studio work table from an old kitchen table lazy susan.

  15. We (Croppin' Queens) did 12x12 canvases, CD albums (modified old CDs with paper/pix/etc) and albums in tins. Oh, the possibilities!! Great blog candy!


  16. I have only ever altered 2 notebooks and they didn't turn out so well lol. Maybe one day i'll try again! I can't wait to see what you do with the painters tray (I rather see people's altered creations lol). Have fun!

  17. I love to alter tin boxes and buckets. It is just fun to punch holes in them and string ribbon through the holes. They are fun to decorate! I love this blog candy! Right up my alley!

  18. I often admire projects made by others where they alter items but I don't find I have been daring enough to venture past cards & layouts as of yet. I do have an artist's painters tray that I would like to decorate as a gift for my grandmother. Please post pictures after you take your class next month. I could use inspiration ;-)
    As a side note all of the goodies in this overwhelmingly generous giveaway are all items on my wishlist (fingers crossed, heehee).

  19. Thank you Shirley for mentioning We are not a business that is out to make a lot of money but save you money. It all started because many of us ladies needed many different types of supplies. Many of us do many craft not just scrapbooking. We needed certain types of supplies to accomplish these great projects. We have been around since 2002, next year it will be ten years. DianeM

  20. I love this blog candy! It reminds me of my Aunts they would make Quilts and such. The only thing I have altered or changed is bedding. I embroider the edges. It makes it look so elegant.Tina