Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Miss You Dad

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my Dad's death. Where have the years gone? It's hard to think of all the things he has missed over the past ten years. The births of his grandsons and another granddaughter. Even his first great grandchild. Some days I still feel such sadness that he didn't take better care of himself. Even though he was dealing with injuries sustained in his accident he would have been here longer. Then it hits me like a rock...I'm doing the same thing!!! Sure I never smoked but I don't eat right or exercise like I I could. I don't want to miss out seeing my nieces and nephews grow up. But I digress! :0)

I'm sorry to say I don't have many pictures of my Dad. This is a layout I did of our last Christmas with our Dad. Anyone that knew my Dad knew how much he loved Christmas! One time he told me it's the one time of year he can do something special for us all. It was so fun talking to him a few times a week till he got our gifts. He would start calling me as soon as QVC started airing Christmas stuff! Usually right after Halloween!!! hehe He would tell me what he saw and ask what I thought of this or that. But once he got the gifts he would call and it became a little game between us. I would ask him to give me a hint and I would guess something outrageous! We both had a good laugh.

One of my favorite memories was shopping with my Dad when I was maybe 10 years old. We went and got a things we needed. We got a can opener, iron, and a toaster...not just any toaster a 4 slice one! And some other items like that. I was so excited that he let me help pick out the gifts. As I got older I realized he always bought practical gifts and always loved giving gifts for the kitchen. I think the only gift that wasn't practical was boxes of candy(Hershey Gold). He said you always need candy at Christmas! :0)

One of the other things my Dad loved was all the fun foods we would have at the holidays. No turkey for him. He was a honey baked ham kind of guy! And there better be some pies! And one of them better be lemon meringue. How we love putting out the spread. He loved playing cards with us or just sitting around talking or watching TV.

Now that he is gone when the holidays come I always try to do him proud! :0) I love to have a big spread, lots of gifts the kids will love and games or cards so we all have something to do. Still, it just isn't the same. You never really know how much one person links you all together till they are gone. I miss my Dad everyday but most of all at Christmas time.

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  1. I could not read this without crying, I miss dad everyday.I can only say that he was right about the Honey Baked Ham it is the best. He would stay up all night whatching QVC waiting for the best deals. A few times I even got to place those orders for him and then was sworn to take my own life if I said anything to anyone about it. I quess after 10 years I can come clean on my involement in history.It seems life is alittle harder without him but win I need him the most he is always still here to help me throught.My DAD was such a great DAD.

  2. Shirley, My father passed away on November 15th 11 years ago. I know exactly how you feel. Its funny, he too, watched tv and ordered all kinds of gadgets for the kitchen. I got a pasta machine, bread machine, and a set of pots and pans to name a few. He loved pumpkin pie and coffee ice cream. It's the holidays we most remember and miss our loved ones. I'm trying my best to give my granddaughters Christmas's they will think of and cherish long after I'm gone. I guess thats the best we can do.


  3. what lovely words ... it certainly brings out the true meaning of Christmas ... FAMILY .... be that blood family, friends, pets and even strangers.

    You have some lovely memories there and those pages are gorgeous.

  4. Such a nice story about your Dad and Christmas. I lost my dad on May 26th of this year and I get tears in my eyes every day. Sometimes I can't believe he's not around anymore. This will be our first holidays without him. Dad loved Christmas, too. He enjoyed getting the toys for us when we young. I can see him carving the turkey at the kitchen table. And we always would snack on a shrimp ring on Christmas eve. I could go on and on. We're lucky to have all these memories. Jill S.

  5. Thank you for sharing your memories of your Dad. Keep those memories close and remember his smile, laugh and warmth of his hugs. I am blessed to still have my Poppy (that's how he signed letters & cards to us) and I am grateful that Jacob will always have awesome memories of his Opa.

    Jeanne S.