Monday, November 21, 2011

Goodbye Our Sweet Kitty Karma

As many of you know 4 short months ago we took in a couple of kittens we found in our yard. One of the kittens (Woody who is black and white) got really sick and we thought he wouldn't make. The other kitten (Kitty Karma aka Punkin) stayed by his side and tried so hard to get him to play. Finally after we tried an alternative tratment he came around. He still has some real issues but he is up and running...literally all over the house! :0)

Then without warning Kitty Karma starting showing the same signs of neurological damage. We ran exhaustive tests and blood work. But she became paralyzed. In the end I had to carry her to the litter box and pick her up and hold her so she could eat. She was such a lovely kitten. Finally we had no other choice but to end her suffering. So on Friday November 18th we said our last goodbyes. I brought her home and buried her under our Blue Spruce.

I still feel out of sorts and keep second guessing if I could have done something different. I wonder why Woody made and she didn't. I can barely type this through the tears. I ask myself how could such a small bit of fluff in 4 months have such a impact on our lives? Our house seems quiet. Woody sniffs where she used to lay and wonders the house and cries as if he is calling for her. Even our dog Jasper seemed to know she was gone.

I think animals are amazing. That Friday evening I was sitting in my rocking chair in kind of in "numb mode" missing seeing her squeezed down in the arm of the love seat behind the pillow. Then all of a sudden Woody jumped up on me and laid across my chest just under my chin. Somehow his purr seemed louder than usual. He felt warmer too. He just curled up on me as if to say everything will be OK. And though I feel heartbroken over losing Kitty Karma, I still feel grateful to have had her even for 4 short months. She was one of the most loving and sweet kittens ever.

I hope you will enjoy the little time line of pictures of her and Woody. We may have only had her for 4 months but she lived large all 4 months! She helped us love more than we knew we could. We were so blessed to have her. :0)

Take care till my next post...


  1. OK - very bad idea to read this at work - sitting here crying like a baby!!!!! I'm so sorry Shirley and Lee. You gave her heaven on earth while she was with you!!!! Take care!!!

  2. :( I too am crying ..... my thoughts are with you Shirley. As you know last week I had to make the same decision for my dog of 12 years .... it breaks your heart no matter how long they have been a part of your life. They are not just pets .. they are family.
    You should find comfort in knowing you provided her the best love, care and home she could as for.
    The photos are gorgeous .. I especially love the one of her standing on the lamp!!!!
    Woody will need extra comfort but I'm sure he will also enjoy giving you all those extra cuddles.
    xoxoxoxo Carly

  3. Tears are streaming down my face. I am so sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter how long you had her, she was and always will be in your hearts. I enjoyed the pictures and know you will cherish those moments with her. You gave her the best life she could ever have. Remember that and I hope it gives you some comfort. Woody will miss her and needs some loving care too. I know when my orange tabby (Youie) disappeared for 10 days a few years ago, my gray tabby (Stormy) was on my lap every night as I cried and cried. Animals can sense when something is wrong. I hope and pray Woody is healthy and continues to give you and Lee all the loving you both deserve.
    With lots of love to you both,


  4. Shirley,
    I am so sorry about Kitty Karma. Pets are our "furry" family. We had 2 cats for 18 years and lost both of them within a month of each other. It was so traumatic that Jim and I both decided no more pets as it is too hard to lose them.
    I really believe cats can tell how you are feeling. I had a sad situation and was beside myself and my cat just got in my lap and stayed there for over 4 hours looking up at me every once in awhile.
    Big hugs for you and Lee.


  5. I am sorry, Shirley, that Kitty Karma is no longer roaming the house with Woody. Think of her as Woody's guardian angel and that God let her be with you to comfort and encourage Woody when he needed it. When her work here was done, she was called to the Rainbow Bridge where all animals wait for their 2 legged companions to join them.

    Jeanne S.