Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Still Here...

Hello my stamping friends!

I have missed blogging. The last few weeks have been dealing with a very sick kitten and sick hubby. Hubby is doing great and Woody is finally turning a corner(we hope). He was up playing a bit today and has begun to finally eat dry food. So it's time to catch up, or should I say back to my normal life...always trying to catch up! LOL Hope you enjoy the pic's of the kitties. This is them resting after playing and of Jasper watching over them. Yes, I know it looks terrible all the pillows and blankets stuffed around the bottom of my bed but it is my own "kitty proofing method" to keep them out from there till there not sick anymore. Aren't I a genius! haha :0)

I will post later on Monday of my pop up card class and iris folding class I took. Your going to love them! So fun and surprisingly easy to do.

I want to do a special shout out to my dear stamping friend Carly...I hope your little one is doing better and your rested up. I have been thinking about you and hope your having a great weekend!

And that goes out to all my stamping friends as well. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful. And as always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my post on Monday...