Saturday, October 29, 2011

Card Night Treat Swap

Last night was a blast. Jeanne and Denise demonstrated a card each. We swapped treat's and Paula and I had made winter theme cards to swap.

First the treats:

Susan made the cute white bag with the saucy witch holding a raven. I like how she gave the image a nice frame using the beaded image underneath her and the Happy Halloween sentiment above her. I adore the little clip with the black and white ribbon to hold it closed and adding the witches hat really finishes the topper off. Best of all it hold microwave popcorn. Lee and I will have it when we watch a movie tonight. Thanks for a great bag and our favorite "couple" treat! :0)

Mary made homemade fudge in the little Ziploc tubs and topped them with a layered pumpkin image with the sentiment "Got Treats?". How fun and her fudge is so good. So cute and yummy Mary!

Diane did the candy corn holder. Each one was different. I love mine with the cats. The scaredy cat topper is glittery. Isn't it the cutest thing how she cut out the hole to see the treat. It has a circle layer of cardstock around the hole with cute images and a big "BOO"! Super cute! We talked about how some us love eating candy corn with salted peanuts so it tastes like a Payday candy bar. Delicious! Great job Diane!

Denise made the adorable pencil holder. What a cool idea. The pencils are so cute. The holder has been inked around the edges on the orange cardstock and the black cardstock with the fun pumpkin faces had been distressed to show off the white inner core of the paper. Than a little black and white ribbon for the perfect finishing touch! Adorable! Wonderful job Denise!

Jeanne did the spider web bag. It had been run thru an embossing folder using some ink (letterpress technique) to give it real texture. She then stamped the spider image on the front and used the rest of the set for the topper and the raffia made the perfect touch. Inside is specialty chocolates(even a cut little pack of fall Kleenex) she brought back from her trip to Germany. Lee and I can't wait to try them.

Lee wanted me to tell all you ladies how cool all the treats were. He has already laid claim to my candy corn pencil and we are having the popcorn tonight(movie night around here)! Mary we finished off your fudge last night! It was some of your best! I know it was a lot of work especially since your just had a hip replacement and should be resting more and not up on your feet cooking! :0) Jeanne we are going to try a piece each after dinner tonight. And Diane my candy corn is mixed with salted nuts for movie night! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Now let's not forget the reason we meet each month! hehe Denise taught the "just sitting here" card. We stamped the sentiment, images of the table and lamp than she used an embossing folder to give it a wallpaper look. Than we stamped the lamp and the chair on decorative paper. (she had all sorts of backgrounds and printed papers to chose from). Than we cut them out and layered the shade over the stamped image to lift it up and put the chair next to the lamp and table image using pop dots.For the finishing touch we used a glitter pen on the leaves of the lamp and added small pearls on the chair to give it a tufted looking back. I NEVER think to stamp on printed paper...but no more! I will use this technique over and over. Thanks Denise! You did a great job explaining everything and I would have never know this was your first time to demonstrate a card! You did a fabulous job and I can't wait till your next turn! :0)

Jeanne demonstrated the clear acrylic card. It is a stunning card. (well her's was I forgot to add the ribbon to mine in the front. hehe) She had already run them trhu with an embossing folder with either ornaments or snowflakes. I used the ornament one. She had an assortment of cardstocks, ribbons, gems and tons of stamps for sentiments. Everyone's turned out so nice. Diane went and got her star punch and used some cool golden yellow cardstock and added stars as the toppers to her trees. I really liked that. Mary and some of the others also added a trees inside to give it a real forest effect. What a great card technique. Thanks Jeanne for all the samples you shared and bringing us so many things to use for our card. I know we were all glad to see you back after being in the hospital the week before! Thanks for a great demo! :0)

And now last but not least Paula's winter theme card swap. It has such a soft lovely feel with the embossed background and can you believe all the cutting around the main floral image! I loved the sentiment on the red cardstock to tie in with the poinsettia. The big wow was the gold embossed sentiment perfectly centered on the red embossed label. As always Paula you didn't miss a thing. Thank you for such a nice card. :0)

Well, that ends my long and drawn out explanation. HA! I can go on can't I! hehe As always, I hope you have time to be creative and most of all time to stamp...especially with friends! :0)

Till my next post...