Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Candy Time!

Hi my dear blog friends! It's time for another blog candy giveaway! I want to thank Tonya from Red Letter Journals in Grove City Ohio for supplying all the gifts in prize package #2! Your generosity knows no bounds. I love your store and I am so glad I know you. She makes everyone feel like family and if you are looking for something and she doesn't have it her store she will try to find it for you. If you are in our area and have a chance to stop by please let her know you heard about her from me. :0)

Lets get started!Prize #1:

The following are from We R Memories:

1 designer scrapbook pad with over 500 pieces(19.99)
1 textured cardstock pad 6 fresh colors(4 of each color)(7.99)
1 designer page kit to make 2 layouts(9.99)
1 4x6 pad albums made easy (2.99)
1 embossible design stickers (2.29)
2 layered chipboard (both different) (4.99each)
1 6piece poinsettia brads(3.99)
1 50piece glitter brads (3.99)
1 3pack of ribbon each ribbon is 36 inches (4.99)
6 embossed tags(only 50cents each!)
And finally from Ranger
1 each Stickle in Xmas Red, Green and Icicle

Now for the prize #2:(all items from Tonya from Red Letter Journals in Grove City)

All the items from Reminisce:

2 12x12 sheets Christmas Swirl Green
2 12x12 sheets Under the Tree(glittery packages)
2 12x12 Christmas Stripe
2 12x12 Glittered Reindeer
2 12x12 self adhesive diecut sticker sheets
2 Christmas time glittery white alphabet stickers
2 self adhesive diecut stickers
From Clear Art Stamps
18 piece Christmas Joy (I love the little birds and the way the ornaments have openings to put different designs in them...or even those cute little birds!)
And from Ranger
1 each Stickle in Xmas Red, Green, and Icicle

If you could just see these papers and accessories in person you wouldn't know which prize you wanted more! LOL Here is how I am going to do the draw this time. The first name drawn get's the first prize(unless of course they would like prize #2) and then the 2nd name will get the second prize. Hint: Don't be surprised if there happens to be a 3rd prize! :0)

So the Blog Candy question this month is: What is your favorite holiday treat?

Just post you answer to this post. I will draw for the winner on Saturday November 5th. Good Luck all!

Till my next post...


  1. Hi Shirley, you rock!! My favorite holiday treat is peanut blossom cookie -peanut butter with chocolate kisses-yum!! Hope to see you soon. Lisa Sabula

  2. Hi Shirley! Wow, what a couple of great packages! My favorite treats are homemade peppermint patties dipped in chocolate, and peanut butter buckeyes dipped in chocolate. Yum! Thanks for this opportunity!
    Debb D.

  3. Hi Shirley ... oooohhhhh what exciting blog candy!!!
    Hmmm to you mean craft treat or any treat? If it was a craft treat ... then for the holidays I'm hoping to get some papers and copic refills as a special treat (gift) from my DH.
    If you mean food treat .... hmmmmmm Prawns! We have prawns at Christmas time. Ooohhh and shortbread, oh and trifle, and truffles ..... oh the list could go on and on .... maybe Cherries as they are in season during December .... ok you did ask for a favourite so I will pick just 1 ..................... TURKEY! It is the only time of the year we have it .. and this year I'm going to cook it myself. Mmmm my mouth is watering already.

    Thanks once again for a chance to win such a wonderful candy!

  4. Wow, Shirley, great prize packages! Thanks to Tonya, too, for her great donation. Her store is just great!

    I have a couple of favorite treats for Christmas. Ever since I was a little girl, our big family has had scalloped oysters at our big Christmas dinner. I just love them and I joke with my cousin that if I get get them first, there won't be any left for him! Of course, I just love all the sweets. My Grandpa always had chocolate-covered cherries. So we try to keep that tradition, too.

    Thanks again,

  5. Wow, fantastic blog candy, gets me definitely in the spirit of Christmas.
    I make these Mounds candy balls and I know my special friend Paula loves them too, I give her a Christmas container of them every year and when she is done with the container back. You know she is hinting she wants me to fill it up for her each year I make them and I always gladly make them for and for my family Janelle, Jill and Jessica love them too. Tehy don;t last long, I have to hide to have them for Christmas so they don't eat them. I make several batches.
    I love this time of year, I have already started
    Christmas shopping already. That is rare for me. I have to buy later because I can't wait to give it to them for Christmas. Funny. DianeM
    Scrapbook Low prices and low shippng.

  6. WOW Shirly! You seem to out do yourself each time with the prizes. As for my favorite holiday treat - That would be buckeyes. We make them every year as a family at my moms. It is fun to get together and make all kinds of sweet goodies at Christmas.
    Thank you so much for a chance to win. I love your blog and of course I love RLJ!

  7. Ok, now I have to wipe the drool off my computer! Christmas & winter themes are my favorite combos and your blog candy is awesome! My favorite cookie type treat is my Mamie's spritz cookies. She makes them in holiday colors (as many as 3 colors in each cookie) and in Christmas shapes (trees, stockings, etc) and they are usually almond flavored, but she does nutty ones as well. When we were kids, my sisters & I used to sneak them by the handful into our beds and stash them in our pillow cases to munch on @ night! My favorite commercial type treat is German chocolate rum barrels that are wrapped like ornaments to hang on the tree (not too many make it to Christmas!) Another great treat is Diane's pumpkin rolls, YUMMY!

    Jeanne S.

  8. Oh my, your candy sure does look good. Would love to win some. My favorite holiday treats are my Giant Cinnamon Buns. I only make them at Christmastime. The recipe only makes 6 buns, but 1 bun can serve 4 people. They're my sons favorite.


  9. That paper and embellishments sure puts you in the mood for the holidays. It is beautiful! One of my favorite holiday treats is peppermint ice cream. I tried it at my grandparents' house fort he first time and loved it. You can't find peppermint ice cream year round in the stores. Jill Silvers (

  10. OK, i know I posted before, but don't know what happened.Soooo, now that I'm really hungry after reading the other posts... I have to say my favorite treat is Apple Pie! Not one for alot of sweets, but I do like pies.

    Sumi Parcells

  11. Shirley,
    Just when we think you'll will never top your last blog candy - you do it everytime!

    My favorite treat is my husband's recipe for cut out cookies made with buttermilk. Not too sweet and just sweet enough when you ice them.

    A lady always made cookies for him and friends when they had special occassions at church. She would not give the recipe to anyone. When Jim graduated from high school, she asked him what he wanted for graduation and he said "your cookie recipe"! She gave it to him and his family have enjoyed these cookies for many years.
    Linda N

  12. my favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies and apple pie. nancy g.

  13. Hi! Shirley I love the blog candy. My favorite holiday treat is cherry pie with a small scoop of ice cream.

  14. I have to say Shirley that your blog candy is so nice. I love the question, it has helped me remember so many wonderful memories. My dads favorite time of year was christmas. I can remember one christmas before bed I told him that we had forgot to put out Santa's cookies. He took me to the kitchen and we put a few cookies on a small plate with a glass of water and then he told me to put them on the table next to the tree. So even now my favorite christmas treat is home made chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of water.

  15. Great blog candy Shirley. My favorite treat is Honey Baked Ham. It is the only time of year I get to eat this heavenly ham. Thanks for giving us a chance to win. Marilyn

  16. My favorite holiday treat is Short Bread. I only seem to have this delightful cookie during the holiday season. Joann

  17. I think out of all my favorite holiday treats I would have to say a candy my Grandma would make is called poor mans candy is my fav.Jennifer

  18. Wonderful blog candy! I am hungry after reading all of these yummy posts! My favorite holiday treat is pumpkin pie with whipped cream! A little pie with that whipped cream please. Merri