Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Fun & Riley The Moose Blog Candy!

Hello everyone!

Today, was so wonderful. I was able to sneak away to Red Letter Journals in Grove City, Ohio to take a card class given by Joe Rotella and his amazing staff: Joe Morgan, Betty Scott, and Amy Day(and her hubby Phillip even helped with all the technical stuff). We also had Tanya K. from Riley and Company give us some "on air" tips on coloring Riley. Tanya K. gave away 2 prizes each about $100 in Riley the Moose Stamps AND lots of little wooden mounted Riley stamps that were special additions(not for sale). I won one!!! WOO HOO :0)

We made the 4 cards shown and the one with the blog candy is the inside of the one with the tree. Cutest little pop-up card. One of the things I liked most about the class was the extra tips given all thru the class. I've been stamping since 1993 and I still learned a few things. Joe and his staff are all so helpful. All I can say is if you live in the area and are able to take even just one class you won't regret it! Joe is a consummate teacher, talented artist and just lovely to be around. His whole staff is so considerate and check on you as your working. I hope they know how much I appreciate all their hard work and effort into putting on a top notch card class. They even stayed late helping everyone. It was a big crowd! (I was so lucky to get a spot at the very last minute) Thank You again to Tonya at Red Letter Journals for letting me know about the last space! I love ya!

Joe has a blog you just have to check out. It is called Create & Craft and I have added a link here on my blog. And don't forget to check out the link to Riley and Company. They have some new stamps coming this Thursday. I have to say these will knock your socks off! Joe also brought some of his art pieces in to share. Hopefully he will be adding some of these projects as classes.

Well, to say the least I have fallen in love with Riley the Moose! He is such a charmer. And you can find him doing just about any fun thing you can imagine! I hope you find him as fun as I do.

The blog candy is courtesy of Joe Rotella of Create & Craft(stamps) and the paper, greeting cards and stamp pad are courtesy of Tonya of Red Letter Journals of Grove City, Ohio. Thank You so much for your kindness and in believing in my blog. I know I am just getting started but I feel so encouraged and inspired by all the stamping and scrapbooking artists! It makes it that much more fun!!! :0)

So to win the Riley Blog candy all you have to do is answer this question:

Stop by Riley and company(link is here on my blog) and let me know what 2 or 3 stamps you liked the best. (hint: this will help me pick a fabulous and I do mean fabulous blog candy prize for December)

I will draw the winner on Friday September 30, 2011. Good Luck!

As always my friends, I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

PS...I have one more Blog Candy I will be posting tomorrow! Don't forget to come back and check it out!!! It is worth $85!


  1. wow your cards are fantastic! and congratulations on you win! I will go and check out the blog later ... no time now ...and let you know what I like the best.
    Once again ...gorgeous cards :)

  2. ooohhh I just saw your PS down the bottom .... you ROCK! can't wait to see and enter ....

  3. Ok .... I couldn't resist so put the TV on for the little one and then jumped back on the PC ....
    I love Bouncy Ball Riley and Cafe Riley .... especially Bouncy Ball ... and I also like those clear Steampunk stamps.
    Did I mention that I especially love Bouncy Ball Riley! he he he ... this one is such a feel good stamp and you could have so many uses eg. Just Hopping By To See How You Are .... You Still Have Some Bounce Left (ha ha ha ).... etc.
    Thanks again Shriley for another chance to win some awesome prizes .... :)

  4. Riley is sooo cute! I love moose of ANY kind, so I couldn't have a favorite stamp, but I really liked the ones that go on the back of the card (Better than Hallmark!). I'm glad you had so much fun! You're awesome!
    Hugs, Debb

  5. Love your cards.Great win for you.DianeM

  6. Your cards are fabulous. Glad you had fun and won! Congrats to you. I've seen some of Joe's work on his blog. Did you happen to check out his Pixie in a bottle? So cute. I loved Flower Riley, Birthday Riley, Hammock Riley, Witch on a Broom, They are all so cute and would make great looking cards. Thanks again for a chance to win.


  7. Hi,
    I enjoyed visiting the Riley website. My three favs were Baking Riley, Snowglobe Riley and Stamping Riley. I thought all of those were cute, cute, cute!

  8. As I'm part of the Create & Craft team, I wasn't going to comment as I shouldn't be included in the blog candy:) I had to comment for two reasons.

    First, Shirley, the Create & Craft team was just as excited to meet you! We are so glad you were able to attend. We really enjoyed meeting you! Four out of four team members agree - you are just a doll!

    Second, I had to to Carly that I share her love of Bouncy Ball Riley! That has been my fav from the start! I just love how his little feet stick out and the look of pure joy on his little moosie face! In fact, that stamp will be the focus of my next creation for the Red Letter Journal card club! I just love it!

    Thanks Shirley!

  9. Thank you so much for your kind words! It was such a pleasure to meet you and I LOVE your blog!

  10. Joe Morgan mentioned your site... what fun.... I love the Sitting on the trunk Riley and Riley and snowman!!!!! Riley is soooo cute. THANKS for sharing all the candy!!!

  11. Sounds like that was an incredible day and to be a winner of 1 of the prizes must have been the icing on the cake :-)
    I myself have started stamping much more regularly over the past year to mix up my scrapbooking hobby with some card-making. I too have fallen in love with Riley the Moose. My current faves would have to be: Ornaments Riley, Coffee Riley, followed closely by Sleepy Riley.

  12. I really like "Fortune Teller Riley", "Witch on Broom", and "Vampire Riley". :0)

  13. I am so glad I found your blog. I was also at Red Letter on Sat for the card class. I fell in love with the Reily stamps. I also won a mounted stamp and love it. I will be using it on my Christmas Cards this year. My favorite Reily stamps are the Snowglobe Reily, Snowball Reily(the card Amy designed is absolutly beautiful), and the Snowman & Reily.
    Thanks for the chance to win and I will hopefully run into you at the next card classes.

  14. Shirley,

    I love Riley.
    It was so hard to only pick 3!! I narrowed it down to Campfire Riley, Motorcycle Riley, and Tourist Riley.

    I have taken a couple clases from Joe and his sister and they are fantastic!!

  15. Hi Shirley!

    I love Riley!
    It was so hard to only pick 3!!! I narrowed it down to Campfire Riley, Motorcycle Riley and Tourist Riley.
    I have taken a couple of classes from Joe and his sister and they are fantastic!

  16. Hi Shirley I like Plane Riley,Flower Riley, and Under the tree.Thanks Tia

  17. Hi Shirley I think Riley is so cute, I can see how he could steal your heart.I like Wheat Riley, Under the tree Riley, and Flower Riley. Thanks for sharing another great site.I love your blogg Mary T

  18. This post is for TONA she took the class on Saturday and was unable to post, so I am posting for her. She forgot to let me know her favorite Riley but I wanted to make sure she was in the drawing! Good luck!