Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Candy Time!

I know I have gone a bit "blog candy" crazy this month but hey it's my Birthday month! What better way to celebrate?! :0)

Just to let you know that I will be going back to my regular blog candy schedule, which is the last Sunday of every month.

OK, lets get down to business! hehe I have 5 blog candy prizes to give away! I have 2 of the Kaisercraft Chanteuse Collection, 2 of the BoBunny Gabrielle Collection, and just one of the BoBunny's Barefoot & Bliss Collection. So now for what is in each prize package:

Kaisercraft Chanteuse Collection includes:

1 clear stamp set(love the frames!)
1 printed chipboard(7 pieces)
10 12x12 solid cardstock(5 each of 2 shades of pink)
16 12x12 double-sided decorative cardstock
5 "roundo" (it's the lovely round shaped frame)
1 4piece glimmer mist set(colors include: star fish, apple, sugar mist and patina)

BoBunny Gabrielle Collection includes:

1 pack 19 pieces(includes cut out journaling cards and the pictured cardstock sticker sheet)
1 12x12 chipboard assortment(37 pieces)
1 sheet rub-ons
1 sheet dimensional stickers
1 pack 6 piece trinkets(so lovely!!!)
1 pack 19 piece assorted brads(love the glimmer ones!)
1 4piece clear stamp set(I love how you could use them as corners or together to make a frame)

And last but not least, something to end the summer with. This is all summer fun theme! :0)

BoBunny Barefoot & Bliss Collection includes:

1 19piece collection pack (includes cut-out journaling cards and sticker sheet)
2 packs(66pieces each) of matching colorful buttons
2 packs(24pieces each) of matching colorful brads
1 pack of large white fabric flowers
5 stickles!!!! (1 orange peel, 2 purple and 2 firefly)

So here is how to enter. Just post your answer to my blog candy question on this post. I will be drawing the winner on Sunday September 4, 2011.

The question is:

I've seen a big trend towards fabrics used in card making and scrapbooking. Do you use fabric in your paper crafting?

I have used it. And now with the "glubers" I will be trying my hand at making flowers with them. I'll post them once I figure it out. :0)

I look forward to all your answers! Good luck to all!

Till my next post...


  1. Happy Birthday! Wow what gorgeous candy! I could sooooooo use one of these packs! I'm crossing everything!
    Funny that you ask about fabric in card making ... because last night I spent the night looking at that on the internet and also trying to work out how people 'stitch' on their cards. I can't decide if I should try and get myself a little sewing machine or if I should just 'draw' stitches. And as for the fabric ... well I haven't used it for cardmaking but I have stamped on fabric. I did a baby cot sheet set by stamping gorgeous little animals and a lovely border using ColourBox Fluid Chalk inks. If you heat set this ink it is waterproof! I have also used it to pretty up some white t-shirts.

    Never thought about using it on my cards .... hmmm will have to try that. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    What are 'glubers'? I don't know how to make flowers ..... can't wait until you post that one!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win Shirley ..... hugs and warm wishes to you.

  2. Happy Birthday month to you, Shirl. I drag mine out for weeks too. But I don't give out such fabulous candy like you do. To answer your question, I don't use fabric in my card making. I have made a few flowers with fabric, but I use them as pins on my sweater or purse. I don't know what glubers are either. I'm sure you'll teach us. Thanks again for your generosity.


  3. Hi Shirley, you are amazing!!! I am so glad you had such a nice Birthday - you deserve it! I have some fabric, but have not yet had the opportunity to use it on any of my cards. I am hoping to get to try it soon.

    Have a great day.
    Lisa Sabula

  4. Happy Birthday Month Shirley! You are so sweet to offer presents to everyone else to celebrate your birthday.

    I have used fabric on my scrapbook pages, and in my art journals. I don't think I've used it on cards yet though. I've used it to make flowers, and also as if it were patterned paper.


  5. I love using fabric on my layouts and projects. Anytime I can recycle and repurpose is a bonus! My favorite technique is to use my boys' old denim jeans. I love cutting out the a large square (particularly if I can get a shredded knee spot), fraying the edges and matting it behind a photo in place of cardstock. I also like using the pockets for tags or on a card as a gift card holder. So many options! Happy Birthday and your blog is fantastic!

  6. Hi Shirley

    So glad you had a Happy Birthday! I love the blog candy this month! It is just my style!

    I have used satin to make flowers for cards. I burned the edges of them. I would love to try making some of those zipper flowers with Glubers. I also have used rick-rack on cards. As far as just a piece of fabric, I have never done that but you have given me an idea. With all the cute calicos and plaids, the possibilities are endless!


  7. Hi Shirley,
    Hope you have (or have had) a wonderful birthday. We love birthdays and use to celebrate 1/2 birthdays...I really should get back to that.
    I love all the blog candy you have for this month, your blog is new to me and I am thinking I love your taste.
    I have not really used fabric in any of my papercrafting but I did try it once and it did not work out too well. It is now sitting in my scraps drawer waiting for a second try. I love Karrie's ideas and will have to make another attempt at using it.

  8. Hey Shirley!
    You are over the top AGAIN! Great, great collections! Yes, I have used fabric on cards, and I've also used patterned paper to create a "quilt" look on cards, too, but I don't use the technique too often. I'll have to try it again. Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabulous blog candy!

  9. LindaN sent me here :) beautiful things on your blog!

    I am scared to use fabric lol.....I dont sew and for some reason I can't get passed that to use it! I do love how others use it :)

  10. I have not used much (any?) fabric. I guess it's mostly because I relate it to sewing, and I do NOT sew, so I don't think to use it.

    But I recently saw a couple of really cute stacked flowers, with circles of fabric and netting, that were super cute, and I bet I could make them.

    I also recently saw a layout with layers of fabric squares between layers of paper as a mat behind a large photo print. Made for a very dimensional effect. I might try it!

    As an aside, I'm doing a giveaway, too (much less exciting than yours, though!) to get people to comment on how to fix a layout. If you want to look at it and give any ideas, I appreciate it!

  11. Hello, Shirley! All I can say is "WOW!" Once again you've put together a great candy package. I used fabric on layouts only a couple of times, but wasn't thrilled with it. I do use ribbon quite often and generally like those results. Maybe someone could show us........, hmmm, wonder who could do that?


  12. Hi Shirley what nice blog candy. I have used fabric a few times to send cards. I must say that I have found that you can get a great backround with fabric. I also have found that depending on the fabric can make the difference on how I mount it to my card. Thanks for a chance to win such great blog candy. JVH

  13. Sent here from your friend on columbus scrappers. I haven't used fabric on cards but I want to try it.

  14. I personally have ot used it but I want to try a project. You know me I am up for anything. LOVE BOTH SETS THE GABRIELLE AND THE CHANTEUSE SET.

  15. Hi Shirley I have not used fabric on any cards myself. My sister used fabric on a scrapbook page in a scrapbook she made for each of the family members. Mary

  16. Hi Shirley.

    Thank you for taking the time today to explain some stamping techniques to me. I really appreciate it. I have only made a few cards but nothing with fabric. I have seen cards with fabric and like the look. - Joy

  17. Hi Shirley I have used scrapes of frabric from pieces of clothing to embellish on cards and also for scrapbook pages. I like that it adds something new and diffrent to my projects. I have seen the flowers made with frabric on youtube but have yet to make one as nice as they do. I am looking forward to seeing how the frabric project you do turns out. Kathy S.

  18. You got me really curious about what you do with the Glimmer Mist! I am intrigued Shirley. DianeM

  19. Not sure if it's too late to join in on the fun =) Happy birthday!! Thanks for doing such lovely giveaways to celebrate your birthday month lol. I have yet to use fabric on my creations as I think i'm' still mastering paper and stamping lol... maybe one day. Keep up the fabulous work =)

  20. May be too late, but I'll post anyway. Have not used fabrics - would be interested to see ideas other have though.

    You have beautiful stuff on you site. (I am Denise Mackey's sister). Thanks for sharing ideas.