Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Craft Area...The Before Pictures

As most of you know I have been moving around all the rooms in my home after we had some major renovations last year. (poorly done renovations I might add but then I digress. hehe) The pictures here are of how I had my stamping supplies stored. Half of everything was in a closet. (pictured above) Sadly tons of stuff was in boxes and moved around whenever we had company so they wouldn't see what a mess I kept. :0)And the pictures of the room with the toys are now in a room with my exercise equipment. And the toy room is now my stamping studio. I still have the finishing touches to do this week and then I will post the pictures.

I know one thing and it is, that I am unable to be creative in a cluttered mess. I need a place for everything and everything in it's place! :0) Now, I haven't been doing that because I had so much stuff it was stored in boxes in a closet. I got in and out of boxes and tried to keep the most used stuff in a closet(pictured above). I had to carry everything in to the kitchen when I was working on it. What a mess. It felt like I had stuff laying around all over the house. Well, now with an open room right next to my kitchen, I will have plenty of space and if I need a cutting area I can use one of the long kitchen counter tops. The key to my new stamping area is to always put everything away after I use it. I will be unveiling it this week when I post the winner of this months blog candy.

I am putting together all my blog candy for this month (posting it later today) and for next month. I will be prepared. I let things get a little out of hand at the beginning of the month and I will never do that again! I felt so bad, that it took me a week to get out the last blog candy for the masculine card ideas. :0( Thank you for all who got a package for your patience.

I just hope my dear friends you know how much I appreciate all your comments and sharing my blog with others. I am doing a fun blog candy this week. There will be 2 very nice prizes. I will draw 2 names this week and the first winner will get to chose which one they want. (hopefully the 2nd person won't be disappointed. I promise they will both be nice prizes)

So although things have been a bit quiet on my blog, I assure you I'm still here and will continue to blog. :0)

As always, I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...