Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One More Prize For The Month!

Good Morning All!

I'm feeling rested and back on track. I wanted to say that the customer service gal called back to say she would put in a claim for our damaged floor. Cool huh?! So that's one less worry. :0) And thankfully the washer is under warranty. So, what have I learned...everything WILL be ok. As Winston Churchill told the country when they were at war "Stay Calm and Carry On!". Good advice for me. LOL

This month I put out a request for masculine card ideas. I have been sending my brother one card a week for the last few months and am beginning to run out of ideas. (It was my big idea as a gift to send a card plus small gift each week for 50 weeks to his 50th birthday. What was I thinking?!!!! hehe)

So, I am going to draw for one more fabulous prize on July first from all the ideas anyone has posted. You can post here on this post. But don't worry I will double check to make sure I have all the ideas.

As of now I have Denise M(grilling card), Mary G(light houses), Debb D(sent me a link to some cool masculine cards), and Diane M(fantastic foliage/tropical fish). Thank you for all the great ideas!

So bring on the MASCULINE CARD IDEAS! I'll draw for the prize on July 1st.
Good Luck to all!

Till my next post...