Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Kitties, Calming Down & Tommorow Is A Brand New Day :0)

Alright, it's 8pm. Lee is in bed. Kittens fed. Talked to my friend Debb. I feel much calmer. What a day!

I hope you like the pictures of the kitties we are taking care of right now. About a week ago I heard their cries. They were under a hosta plant by my front porch. There were 5 of the tiniest kittens I had ever seen. Maybe only a day or two old. I left them alone thinking the mother cat would return. After 2 days and finding that 3 of the kittens were dead. I had to take matters into my own hands. I brought them in and have been hand feeding them. (the first 2 pic's were the first day we had them. The others are about the 5th day)

The tiger cat is a female and the black and white a male. I named the girl Jade, because she's a gem and of course my dog's name is Jasper(our little gem). The boy cat is a good eater, calm. quiet and pretty strong so I named him Jake. Seems to suit him. Jade cries a bit more and loves to be held close. It's funny how in a week you can see they have personalities!

When they sleep Jake will lay his leg over Jade. Such a sweet sight. But what's really cute is Jasper(our male Yorkie) is cleaning the kittens. I never knew a dog would do that.

Well, I know I haven't posted a thing today craft related. But tomorrow is a new day...for a stamping related post. I promise! :0)

Till my next post...


  1. Ah they are so cute. I had to look at your blog site before I go to bed. I have to go to the grocery to more food for my family while I am gone. I am making a menu to make it easy for them. Goodnight DianeDM

    How awful about your washer, what kind of a repair man did you get? Isn't your washer under warranty still?

  2. Adorable kitties! It is so sweet of you to take them in! SOrry to hear about your washer, the repair man probably had no idea what he was doing or maybe he was too lazy to care! :(
    Either way I hope you get it fixed soon! I would hate for you to flood again!