Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do You Ever Have One Of Those Days That's Seems To Never END!!!

Ok, I know a lot has happened around our home this year. It was a follow up of having a poorly done remodel by what turned out to be one of the worst companies ever. Ahhh...but I digress. :0) So this year we had made it through the freeze, power outage and flooding. I was thinking I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But it really was the headlights of the train! hehe

Last week I put 4 towels in to wash before bed. Set it like always on a double rinse cycle. Well, when I woke the next morning I walked into a swamp! My rug was soaked and there was standing water all around the washing machine. After cleaning it up you could see the new wood floors buckled. :0( Our washing machine was nothing fancy BUT it wasn't even 6 months old!

The repairman came today and couldn't find anything wrong. Of course I felt like he thought I was lying or probably thought I was crazy! He said he went ahead an over-rode the water level for me.(like this was a big favor) So as soon as he left I put in a load of towels to see if it was like Lee said "just a fluke or air in the line". Ok, you know what I'm going to say next...you can see by the pictures it still isn't fixed.

I started the washer and went to start lunch when I hear Lee yelling "Stop the washer! Water's going everywhere!". So we called the repair guy right back. He hadn't been gone more than 15 minutes. He told Lee for him to call and have US(that's right he wants us) to order a pressure switch. Do you think this sounds like he knew what was wrong and just didn't want to repair it?

After lunch, I have to empty out the water from the drum. The water is ALL the way to the TOP! I guess it's a good thing he over-rode the water level! HA! I know they will come out and fix it when the part comes in but I will always feel a sense of worry every time I wash a load of clothes. I'll worry is it going to leak or is it just going to break. All, I can say is no more Whirlpool! I'm going back to Maytag!

Ok, no more ranting...