Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One More Prize For The Month!

Good Morning All!

I'm feeling rested and back on track. I wanted to say that the customer service gal called back to say she would put in a claim for our damaged floor. Cool huh?! So that's one less worry. :0) And thankfully the washer is under warranty. So, what have I learned...everything WILL be ok. As Winston Churchill told the country when they were at war "Stay Calm and Carry On!". Good advice for me. LOL

This month I put out a request for masculine card ideas. I have been sending my brother one card a week for the last few months and am beginning to run out of ideas. (It was my big idea as a gift to send a card plus small gift each week for 50 weeks to his 50th birthday. What was I thinking?!!!! hehe)

So, I am going to draw for one more fabulous prize on July first from all the ideas anyone has posted. You can post here on this post. But don't worry I will double check to make sure I have all the ideas.

As of now I have Denise M(grilling card), Mary G(light houses), Debb D(sent me a link to some cool masculine cards), and Diane M(fantastic foliage/tropical fish). Thank you for all the great ideas!

So bring on the MASCULINE CARD IDEAS! I'll draw for the prize on July 1st.
Good Luck to all!

Till my next post...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Kitties, Calming Down & Tommorow Is A Brand New Day :0)

Alright, it's 8pm. Lee is in bed. Kittens fed. Talked to my friend Debb. I feel much calmer. What a day!

I hope you like the pictures of the kitties we are taking care of right now. About a week ago I heard their cries. They were under a hosta plant by my front porch. There were 5 of the tiniest kittens I had ever seen. Maybe only a day or two old. I left them alone thinking the mother cat would return. After 2 days and finding that 3 of the kittens were dead. I had to take matters into my own hands. I brought them in and have been hand feeding them. (the first 2 pic's were the first day we had them. The others are about the 5th day)

The tiger cat is a female and the black and white a male. I named the girl Jade, because she's a gem and of course my dog's name is Jasper(our little gem). The boy cat is a good eater, calm. quiet and pretty strong so I named him Jake. Seems to suit him. Jade cries a bit more and loves to be held close. It's funny how in a week you can see they have personalities!

When they sleep Jake will lay his leg over Jade. Such a sweet sight. But what's really cute is Jasper(our male Yorkie) is cleaning the kittens. I never knew a dog would do that.

Well, I know I haven't posted a thing today craft related. But tomorrow is a new day...for a stamping related post. I promise! :0)

Till my next post...

Do You Ever Have One Of Those Days That's Seems To Never END!!!

Ok, I know a lot has happened around our home this year. It was a follow up of having a poorly done remodel by what turned out to be one of the worst companies ever. Ahhh...but I digress. :0) So this year we had made it through the freeze, power outage and flooding. I was thinking I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But it really was the headlights of the train! hehe

Last week I put 4 towels in to wash before bed. Set it like always on a double rinse cycle. Well, when I woke the next morning I walked into a swamp! My rug was soaked and there was standing water all around the washing machine. After cleaning it up you could see the new wood floors buckled. :0( Our washing machine was nothing fancy BUT it wasn't even 6 months old!

The repairman came today and couldn't find anything wrong. Of course I felt like he thought I was lying or probably thought I was crazy! He said he went ahead an over-rode the water level for me.(like this was a big favor) So as soon as he left I put in a load of towels to see if it was like Lee said "just a fluke or air in the line". Ok, you know what I'm going to say can see by the pictures it still isn't fixed.

I started the washer and went to start lunch when I hear Lee yelling "Stop the washer! Water's going everywhere!". So we called the repair guy right back. He hadn't been gone more than 15 minutes. He told Lee for him to call and have US(that's right he wants us) to order a pressure switch. Do you think this sounds like he knew what was wrong and just didn't want to repair it?

After lunch, I have to empty out the water from the drum. The water is ALL the way to the TOP! I guess it's a good thing he over-rode the water level! HA! I know they will come out and fix it when the part comes in but I will always feel a sense of worry every time I wash a load of clothes. I'll worry is it going to leak or is it just going to break. All, I can say is no more Whirlpool! I'm going back to Maytag!

Ok, no more ranting...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just A Quick Post...

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been a busy one. I got more done that I thought. Today I will be packing up all the cool blog candy prizes and posting pictures of them. I hope to hear from everyone who won so I will have your addresses to mail them out ASAP! :0)

I wanted to just say that each month I have been getting my blog candy from Red Letter Journals in Grove City or through Scrapbook Additions(link is on my blog under place I love to shop). Diane McNeill runs the Scrapbook Additions site and she is also a Creative Memories Demonstrator. So I wanted to give a shout out to Diane for showing me how to use the punches and helping me select some cool prizes this month. These punches from Creative memories are so cool that you can put them anywhere on the page!

Well, I didn't want to sound like one big advertisement but I just love Tonya out at Red Letter Journals (helpful and kind are 2 words that come to mind when I think of her) and Diane is just the same way! These gals treat you like your family!!! I can only say that our local scrapbooking and rubber stamping community is the best!

So stay tuned for more fun blog candy and stamping ideas.

As always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Winner of the Blog Candy is...

Numbers 8, 6, and 9 were drawn. Congrats to Bobbi as the grand prize winner. Runners up Brittani and Babe will also be getting a very nice prize package!

But Wait There's More

I am so happy for the great turn out on technique ideas I've decided to give away a few more smaller but very nice prizes!

Merri , for your request for the Shaving Cream Technique, I would like to send you a small prize. I appreciate all your comments on my blog.

Lori, I would also like to send you a small prize since I used your idea on my current blog post. I stamped the image twice and raised it up with pop dots. (the butterfly card with the shaving cream background).

And last but not least Jeanne, for the great tip on making multiple backgrounds at one time. Great Tip!!!!

For some reason my "follower list is not showing up right now. I like to make sure to always give my blog followers an extra gift. So what I will do is check again in the morning to make sure your on my list. I will be contacting you via email if you left it but if you didn't leave an email address or are not on my follower list please contact me with your address at:

Again congrats to all the winners! You make this blog fun!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shaving Cream Technique ...Step By Step

I have had a few requests to share how to do this fun technique. I haven't figured out how to post under each picture so I hope my directions will be clear enough. I really can't wait to get a good camera to do videos! Ok, so here goes!

1. Pictures of all supplies. (you don't really need the freezer paper but my counters are white laminate and it helps for a little extra stain protection. But most of all it just makes clean up a breeze!)

2. First put shaving cream on paper plate. (if you are doing bunches you could always use a cookie tray covered with foil) Do not use gel shave cream. I find the cheaper white foam type shaving cream works the best.

3. smooth down the shaving doesn't have to be perfect just not big bumps. (I used a plastic spoon to smooth it down...oops! I didn't picture that in the supplies)

4. using the reinkers now place drops of chosen colors.(I wear gloves at this point to keep the ink from my hands) You can use as many colors or just one color. The possibilities are endless) I'm not sure if you can use any reinkers. I have only used alcohol based ones. If anyone knows please post the answer for us. I will also check and add any info I find to the comment section on this post. :0)

5. next take toothpicks and slide it up and down(or swirl) to move the colors around. I used toothpicks this time but I think I like using a plastic fork better. It seems easier to manipulate the ink better. You can swirl the ink anyway you like.

6. now just lay your cut cardstock on top of the shaving cream, press down a bit so as to make sure your cardstock it making complete contact to the shaving cream so as to pick up your ink pattern. I used Whisper White cardstock from Stampin Up for this demo.

7. now gently peel the cardstock holding one corner off the shaving cream and place on paper towel.

8. I turn my cardstock upside down and press squeezing off as much of the shaving cream first. Then turn it over and gently wipe with a paper towel. Viola! You now have your shaving cream background. if you notice in the pictures I have one that is a bit lighter that is the second piece I used. I keep repeating the process(I didn't add more ink) but just swirl the ink a bit and use it till it's too light for your taste. You can always add more ink to keep going if you are making a lot of backgrounds at once. You can make a lot of backgrounds with not much shaving cream!

9. let dry then you can use as a background or stamp directly onto the paper. I made two very quick cards to show you both. I still need to tweek them a bit. Some crystal lacquer and glitter on the balloons. Pearls and use the glitter pens on the butterfly card. But I thought this would give you an idea of what you can do. (I'll come back and add the pic's of the cards once I have them "blinged" up! LOL)

I hope you'll give this a try. I know it's a messy techinque but it is so cool to see the papers when your finished.

As always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise In My Mail Today!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Debb!

I was floored when I opened the package today! Debb, you couldn't be any sweeter! I just love the "Sew Easy" carrying case and large loop.(I can't wait to put all my sew easy items in it!)

Your card is so gorgeous!!! The soft butterfly background paper is so sweet. Each little butterfly has a glitter center. And I love all the glitter around the stamped thanks so much image. The use of natural cardstock with it's almost handmade look really ties the whole card together! It has such a nice elegant vintage feel to it. It really made my day.

I wish there were words to better express how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity! Thank you just doesn't seem enough! I hope you know how much your friendship and encouragement means to me!:0)

A grateful stamping, scrapping and diet buddy!

Card For David...Week 12

As you all know I have been "blog surfing" to get masculine card ideas. This card is inspired by the card I found on Marie Shaughnessy's blog Called "Stamping Inspirations" at Her site is set up so nicely. It has all the categories on the left hand side. The card I used for inspiration was designed and created by Jenni Shaughnessy. It uses a shaving cream background. I had done them years ago but I loved the look of the card so put my own twist on it.

The pictures on my post show the supplies used. My first attempt was to make the card with 2 or 3 colors of blue but I just didn't like it. So I went with just one color(night of navy). I used all Stampin Up supplies except for the 3 tiny brads. They are "outdoor denim" from Close To My Heart. I left off the bakers twine she used on her card and instead just used some dimensionals to pop up the compass. I stamped the boat and the compass twice. Cut out the center piece of the compass and the sails then used dimensionals on them for some more dimension. I loved using my color spritzer tool. It gives it the feel of the water splashing around the boat. After I was done, I kept looking at my card thinking what was off? Well, in Jenni's card she had the "shaving cream" background going across the page like water. DUH...I put mine up and down. :0) I still love how mine turned out. A clean and simple design always works for me.

I know there are 1,000's of blogs out there and I am so glad you stopped by to see what I've been up to. But if you have a moment stop by Marie's blog, you won't be disappointed!

Hope you liked my twist on Jenni's card. And as always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Card for David...week ?

Time has really gotten away from me as of late. I even sent two cards out to my brother for the same week! I thought I had forgotten! Ok, can we say feeling a little overwhelmed and so so so behind! Lee and I have had so much going on around here since we got back from our trip to Missouri that I just still feel a bit out of sorts. But never fear...I will catch up...I am catching up! LOL

This card was inspired by the "states" pen I found at a small gift shop called "Main Street Treasures" here in Plain City. It has some really fun and creative things. My brother, Lee and I had a good laugh since I put the cities in the wrong directions but hey it's just a card. David said the pen writes so smoothly. Glad he liked it.

All supplies used from Stampin Up!:

Whisper White, Tangerine Tango, and Early Espresso cardstock, Ink used Tangerine Tango and Early Espresso, Stampin dimensionals, used a discontinued "map" background stamp and the saying is from the set Word Play.

Hope you like the card. So if you have a moment let me know what you think. It love reading each and every one of your comments. Keep them coming! :0)

And remember I will be drawing for one last prize on June 30th for all those who have posted "Masculine Card Ideas" for me!

As always, I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

Blog Candy Time!

Ok, I know I already have done a blog candy this month but I thought it would be fun to do another one. And who doesn't love some blog candy! :0)

All of today's items are from Creative Memories. They include the special they ran with the purchase of both the new magnetic punches($24 each; you can place them anywhere on your scrapbook page!) you got a free pack of paper. Also 2 packs (I took pictures of both sides so you can see what is in each package) There is a bright color decorative cardstock and one pack called Cheerful Summer it has 4 sheets of double-sided paper, 8 double-sided photo mats, 1 sheet of title stickers, 1 sticker sheet. The blog candy is a $62 value!

Now how to enter. Just post on this blog entry the answer to the following question:

What is your favorite style of stamping?

Mine is clean and simple. I do like doing layers and lots of bling but I still am drawn to a clean and simple design every time! :0) I look forward to hearing from you and I just want to say how much I enjoy all your comments.

I will draw the winner on Sunday June 26th, 2011. Good luck to all!

Till my next post...

Father's Day...I Miss You

Today is Father's Day. This November my Dad will have be gone for 10 years. He was never much for fussing over him(or at least he acted like we didn't need to). We got him the same things year after year. Shirts, cologne, funny statues, cards some funny, some with letters of how much we loved him and of course who can forget soap on a rope! When he passed and we cleaned out his belongings he had kept every card and letter!

Just before he died I made him a small scrapbook. I remember him sitting on the blue couch in his blue pajamas(I bet you can guess his favorite color, LOL). He turned the pages slowly, smiled, laughed out loud and then looked up at me with tears in his eyes and thanked me. He died later that year. I'm glad I took the time to share my memories funny and sad with him before it was too late. You see my Dad like many other Dads was sometimes hard to talk to. I usually used humor to connect with him. Most of the time it worked. Saved my butt many a time!

Growing up I was scared to death of him. After he was hurt things were different and so was he. The real turning point with my Dad came when I married Lee. They had an instant connection. Both being through accidents that changed their lives. My Dad visited quite a bit when he was able. He talked to Lee just about everyday or at least 3 times a week. And in turn I got to see a different side of my Dad. Anyone that knew my Dad knew how much he loved Lee. And I loved my Dad for that. I felt like I got to know my Dad all over. Some of the stories he would tell Lee! What a life he had lived.

I use to hate that I looked so much like him(chunky too). I'm the only child that has his brown eyes. Sometimes I'm caught off guard when I look in the mirror and see his eyes stare back at me. But it is a good feeling that I'm a part of him and he lives on not just in me but in each of my brothers, my sister and his grandchildren. Lee and I have had many a conversation about how each one of us has certain traits like my Dad's and who is the most like him.

When my Dad had his accident the hospital called and asked my Mom to bring someone who could drive just in case she needed help getting my Dad into the car. They told her my Dad had just broken his leg. So she took me and when we got to Mt. Carmel East Hospital they took us to a private room and told us how bad the accident really was. My dad had almost every bone in his body broken. Dr. Schlonsky(along with other doctors) worked on him till almost 6am! He spent months in intensive care and almost 13 months total at the hospital. My Dad had so many surgeries over the years and suffered so much but he told me when I got married that he was glad he lived to see me marry a good man. (and of course he told me not to screw it up!...really that is what he said!) I'm glad for the doctors that gave us the extra years with him. But most of all I'm glad he was my Father. Good or bad he helped make me the person I am today.

So Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there and to my Dad...I miss you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Card For David ...week 13

Where have the weeks gone? I can hardly believe only 13 more weeks and my brother David will be 50 years old. I decided on this image since this coming Sunday is Father's Day.

All supplies from Stampin Up. (the image is from a retired set)the cardstock colors used are whisper white, night of navy and really rust.

This isn't a very good picture of the card. I hope to figure out how to get better pictures with my camera soon! :0)

Don't forget I am still looking for masculine card ideas. I will be drawing for a prize from all those who leave me a comment. (please leave it under the post...Card for David...week 16) I want to thank Debb for sending me a link to a blog with quite a few masculine cards on it!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week full of creativity but most of all I hope you find time to stamp!

Till my next post...

The Winner of the Blog Candy is...

Hello all!

The winning numbers drawn are: 5, 6 and 1 in that order. Which means Diane you win the first package, Carly you win the second package and Denise you win a small surprise package(not shown but I think you will really love). Since you are all followers of my blog you will receive and extra gift not shown on the blog candy post.

Carly, if you could contact me at my email address( to give me your address so I can send it out to you.Thank you. :0)

All the blog candy papers and embellishments were purchased at Red Letter Journals in Grove City, Ohio. I am changing up a bit for my next blog candy. I will be posting another blog candy Sunday the 19th of this month. That's right two drawings this month! Believe me you don't want to miss it!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Till my next post...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Problems Posting Comments

Hi Everyone!

I have been getting emails and calls letting me know they are having problems posting comments on my blog. So if you would still like to post a comment to enter in the blog candy, please try using "anonymous" and then at the end of comment give your fist name and last initial. I have gone into the settings mode of my blog and have changed it to "anyone including anonymous" can post. I hope this will help, if not I have linked the post to my Facebook page and you can post your comment there and I will add it to the give-a-way.

Again, I want to say how sorry I am if you have had problems posting but please give it another try!

Take care and have a great weekend. Hopefully you'll have some time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blog Candy Time!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Went to visit my brother in Missouri over the Memorial Day weekend. We had a good time but now it's back to doing my spring cleaning. I know a bit late but the weather here has just not allowed me to get to it any sooner. I had wanted to do my blog candy the 3rd Sunday of every month but I think it would be nice to do it early so you will have these adorable 4th of July papers in time for the holiday! :0)

All the products are from We R Memory Keepers. It's their new Yankee Doodles design. They are bright, cheery and glittery! And you know how I feel about the bling!

The last picture of the 3 items: The 19.99 paper pad, jumbo brads and doodle pens is for the second place prize. Still a pretty nice prize! :0)

The first place prize includes the following:

4 sheets each of double sided design paper (5 designs for a total of 20 sheets)
4 sheets of the single sided "star Doodle" design paper
1 12x12 tag doodle sheet
2 layered chipboard embellishment sets
1 embossed sticker sheet
1 pack jumbo brads
1 pack of 4 piece doodle pens
1 pack mini glitter brads

Remember if you are a follower of my blog you will receive an extra gift with your prize. I also wanted to mention if you click on the picture of each item you can get a closer look. The papers are so so awesome. Very nice weight to them.

OK, now the question to enter for the drawing is:

What is your favorite embellishment to use on your scrapbook pages or greeting cards?

Remember to leave your answer on this post. I know some have told me they are having trouble posting. I changed it to allow all posts. So if you are having trouble just sign in as Anonymous and just sign you first name at the end of your answer so I know who you are. :0)

My favorite embellishment changes all the time. But I do love the self-adhesive rhinestones and pearls. (and I can't live without my glitter gel pen and white signo pen) Is it ever possible to pick just one? I look forward to your responses. I will draw next Sunday June 12th. Good Luck to you all!!!

Till my next post...

Graduation Card

Yesterday was Graduation Day for Jonathan Alder High School. I made this for David(Diane's son). I didn't have any graduation stamps so I figured a mortar board is only a square. Easy peasy! LOL I used a piece of a book mark for the tassel, attached with a small black brad then used pop ups to make it stand up off the card. I used an embossing folder for the background to give it a little umph. :0) And then just stamped the saying layering it with the real red and basic black cardstock. Another clean and simple design.

David's party was so nice. Lot's of food and fun. The house was decorated to the nines! :0) David's Mom Diane makes everyone feel at home. You feel like family when your there! I had a great time!!! Can't wait till we get together for card night this month!

Well, I need to work on a card today for my brother. I'll post it later today along with the new blog candy! So check back later today.

As always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...