Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration From Indiana Stamping, Scrapping & Diet Buddy

What do you think of this mini scrapbook my Diet Buddy Debb from Indiana sent me?! The really cool thing is she made it from paper bags! You would never guess it to look at it. We can pass it back and forth and add our pictures as we lose weight. There are little tags to add our thoughts and weight. Or even just notes to each other. She also sent me the book, Water With Lemons. This book is more than a diet book it's a diet novel. It's hard to describe it. It's not like anything I have read before. It's a quick read and very motivating.

Last year (November 2010 to be exact, hopefully you can see she even put that on the front of the book) I went online on Splitcoast Stampers to there forums and found "Stamp Out Fat" section. Rubber Stampers and scrapbookers who where looking for a diet buddy. That's how I ended up "meeting" Debb. Since November I have only lost 18 pounds. (not much considering how much I have to lose BUT it is a start) Debb and I email each other at least a few times a week and one phone call a week. It turns out we have so much in common it is kind of scary! (even scarier than all the weight I have to lose...hehe) I'm still struggling but I don't feel so alone about it. I've shed many a tear and lots more laughs with Debb. I have a lot of weight still to lose but this time I'm making lifestyle changes. And slowly increasing my exercise each week. No matter what time of day I can email her and feel like she is right there with me saying "You WILL do this, I believe in you!" She even encouraged me to start a separate blog sharing my weight loss journey. I haven't done much with it YET. Let's just say it's a work in progress...just like me. :0)

At first I felt like it was good to have someone to be accountable to. We have a weigh in day and we "report" back to each other. But it is so much more than that now. It's a friendship that began with a few of common interests...rubber stamping, scrapbooking and a need to lose weight. It has become a so much more. We have shared our fears, heartaches, our crazy busy days and found a way to laugh through the tears. I'm so glad to have Debb as my friend and Diet buddy! And to think we have never met in person but I feel like I've know her forever! But that is all about to change. Debb is coming to visit in May. Just a few weeks away. Watch out Debb...I have lot's of fun planned.

I have met so many wonderful men and women because of my hobby "rubber stamping". It's really true when they say "You will never meet a rubber stamper (or scrapbooker) you won't like!" They are some of the most loving and caring people around. When things look a bit grim from time to time I always have my stamping friends. There as close as sitting down to stamp a card. I don't want to get to mushy or weird but I think you are the best not just for putting up with me but for your talent, your faith and most of all your friendships.

Ok...enough mushy stuff... as always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!(so what are you waiting for...GO STAMP!)

Till my next post...