Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Water In Vents + Furnace Running = Huge Humidifier

Well, like the title of this post says it's pretty damp in the house. Sadly when our home was built they didn't tie us into the drainage tile at the back of our lot. We are on a slab which now has a crack somewhere in the foundation so the water comes up into our vents. It's too cold not to run the furnace (and running the furnace dries out the vents) so it's like this huge humidifier. Every window in our house is covered in moisture and it is dripping from our ceilings and down the walls. What's even more scary is that it is suppose to rain again on Friday and we still have at least an inch of water in our vents. Not to mention we can't flush our toilets and showers have to be pretty much under 3 minutes...or until the water starts to flood into the bathroom floor.

The pictures are of the ceiling in my kitchen , above the kitchen cabinets where like all the other walls where it is dripping has run down, the flooring curling up, where the water flooded from our water softener and a sample of just one of my sweaty windows.

Every spring we deal with some water but this is the worst it has been in a couple of years. I think what makes it more painful to me is that we just got done painting every room in the house and putting in new flooring. Which has to be repaired now too. (we forgot to unplug our water softener and it ran a cycle and ended up flooding the area and under my new wood flooring which is even worse now than the picture on this post)I just hope after it dries out and I scrub the ceilings and walls it won't need to be repainted.

Like I told Lee(hubby) I am grateful to have a roof over my head even if it is leaking on me. :0)

Hopefully I will be able to post some cards and pictures of the cutest little "stampers supplies box" I made for my nephews in the next day or two.

Take care and I hope you find time to be creative but most of all tie to stamp.

Till my next post...


  1. I can't imagine, you definitely need to tie into the other drains. How do you find where the drain is to tie in? Hopefully it is not someone elses yard that you have to tie into. What a mess for you.

  2. Whoa! I can definitely sympathize with you, a few years ago our hot water tank leaked and the water ran under our floors in the hall & living room. Now I have gaps between the planks and some uneven areas, but not to the degree you & Lee are dealing with! Hopefully you will be able to tie into the drainage system soon!

  3. Gosh, Shirley, that is terrible. I had no idea it was that bad until I saw the pictures. I am praying that you get it fixed very soon. I can't believe how much rain we have gotten in the last couple days! Should we build an ark?

  4. I remember when I first met Joe's family, their basement would flood and I remember her having to redecorate. Put up new walls, carpet and more. I have comment to Denise I had thought that very thing Should we build an Ark for Shirley and Lee?
    Joe said it is 10 feet from rolling down the hill to our house from the Little Darby Creek. Any higher and it will be upon he said. I have been pray for NO RAIN! It finally stopped now today the sun came out and the ground was steaming everywhere. It was weird to see.

  5. Austin is really me - Susan. How do I change it?

  6. Have you had any improvement? You, Lee & Jasper could come over here........nah, we'd drive Lee nuts in about 30 minutes!!

  7. I looked at the Lyndie's Quiet Time Site, cute ideas.