Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sadness Thru Tears and Laughter

Last night was the showing of My Uncle and today the services were held. It was wonderful seeing all my family even under the circumstance. I sometimes forget how large my Mom's side of the family is. To share funny and touching stories about my Uncle Kenny and each other was a soothing salve.

The minister talked of many qualities my Uncle had but one above all else he heard time and time again from everyone was how he never forgot to tell you he loved you. So many people (me included) forget to tell our family and friends we love them and appreciate them. My Uncle Kenny never forgot to say it. He lived his life full of love not just saying it. He helped everyone he could. He was always thinking of others. I'm better for knowing him and better for having such a good example.

I talked to him the week before and his last words were "I love you and tell Lee I love him too." I hope as the days, months and years now pass by I will remember to never let too much time pass by to tell my family and close friends how much they mean to me and should I leave this world for whatever reason those I leave behind will know how I feel about them in my heart and how much better they have made my life.

Till my next post...