Friday, February 4, 2011

No Power, No Phone, No Water...Plenty Cold!

Well, just a quick note to let everyone know I will be back to my regular blogging next week. It has been a very hard week. On Monday, my Uncle Kenny was killed in an auto accident in Columbus, Ohio. The showing is tomorrow and the services will be held Sunday. He lent me 2 or 3 cook books every month last year. I loved talking about cooking with him. We both loved anything with sauerkraut! He was so supportive of my diet change he even bought me a fabulous Vegetarian Cookbook at Thanksgiving. He was so kind to Lee and we had a lot of laughs and good times. He will be remembered and missed.

On Tuesday we got the beginnings of the ice storm which took out our power around 8pm. We didn't get power back till Thursday at around 2:30pm. It took a toll on Lee but we stayed holed up in our bedroom shutting all the doors to the room and burning candles to keep warm. The first night was the worst. Since I only had a cordless phones hooked up ...they didn't work with out the electric! I finally remembered I had an old princess phone and got it plugged up on Wednesday night. Mary came out on Thursday bringing us water and some warm food. Before she left the electric came back on. She was relieved but not as much as Lee. LOL

The house got down to 48 degrees so it took most of the night to get the temperature back up. Thankfully our room hovered around 65 degrees most of the time. It was an adventure. I have to say it was kind of romantic all bundled up in bed by candle light...except for the not showering! LOL It was so quiet except for the hum of our neighbors portable generator. Our driveway, sidewalks and yard are still all a big sheet of glass . And the trees are covered in icicles. (Our big tree at the back of the lot lost a couple of good sized branches) But it is all so pretty when the sun hits it. It sparkles like a million diamonds.

We are suppose to get snow now. So I need to get up early and chop some more of the ice off the sidewalks and the cement pad in front of the garage doors. Who says I don't get enough exercise. LOL :0)

Well, I look forward to posting again. I have some really cool give-a-ways next month. So keep checking back.

I wish you all warmth, safety and most of all remember the ones you love and tell them is so fragile.

Till my next post...