Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Kindness of Rubber Stampers

It has been awhile since my last post. I think things had finally caught up with me and I just needed the down time. I guess I'm not as young as I use to be. LOL

I tried so hard to get a better picture of the cards my rubber stamping friends sent to me. This picture just doesn't do them justice. The angel card is done with copic markers, the wings are glittery and the layers have texture and sheer elegance. So totally a Paula Card! :0) The purple one in the middle is by my friend Jeanne and it is done on vellum. It has a soft and ethereal feel to it. The flowers have a touch of glitter to them. So very nice. The black and white card from Susan is simple yet elegant. Susan's layers are perfect! It is her attention to the little details that I appreciate so much. The corners are rounded and it is a very balanced card. The lovey blue and purple card with the flower layers was made by Diane. It had just the right amount of embellishments plus she brought us a very cherry cheese danish which Lee ate ALL of it! He said it was the best danish he had every had. I can say it smelled good! LOL And the card in the front is from my friend Debb from Indiana. It has the most beautiful ribbon (which of course you can't tell from my poor photo). It has a delicate feel to it and the popped up center image just makes the card. My friend Linda is in Florida right now and she sent the beautiful card with the leaf on it(top left) my favorite shades of green!

But beyond the how beautiful the cards each were, was the inside that mattered most to me. To know that my friends share with me not only in the good but in times of sorrow. Their kind words really were a comfort. I miss my Uncle Kenny. He was a good man who lived a life full of love and kindness. I'm so thankful to have loving, sharing and kind friends. My cup runneth over...:0)

Till my next post...