Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodbye Sam

Everyday my sister and I talk we catch up on the happenings of the day but sadly today when my sister called she let me know that her dog Samson aka Sam died in his sleep last night. When she woke up for work and bumped him and he didn't move she knew. She had just had him in last week to the vet. Even they were shocked at his sudden death. Like me she has never had children and I guess we treat our pets like they are our children. I feel such sorrow for her loss.

Lee talked with her for a few minutes and told her he knew it will tear him up when Jasper goes. I know how he feels. A friend and I were talking about how it seems more like our pets rescue us than the other way around. :0)

I wish I could find the picture of Jasper sitting by Sam when we took Mary to the airport but alas it is not to be found. This isn't the best picture of Sam but he loved to go for rides!

So goodbye Sam....thank you for being a loving and friendly dog but most of all for saving Mary.

Till my next post...