Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cards and Gifts From Our Stamping Group

Hello again my dear blog followers!

Before it get's to late I wanted to share the cards I received from some of the women I stamp with here locally. Our group of gals get together once a month for stamping, good food and lots of laughs. I have enjoyed it so much this year. And I don't even need to say a word about how talented they are, all you need to do is look at all their wonderful cards to see it! :0)

The first card is from Paula. Sadly my camera didn't do a very good job on showing the soft swirls of the cream background. The perfectly cut out gold embossed ornament, gold bow and popped up off the background has perfect symmetry. The card has a simple elegance and class to it. Plus she is so funny! I loved her message inside! I really did laugh out loud when I read it! Wonderful job!

The 2nd card is from Sonja. I love how she used an embossing folder that has a tulip border, but covered it just enough to have only the scallops showing. I always pictured it using spring flowers. I like that she thought out of the box! The soft Crumb Cake star of the lyrics to "Joy to the World" behind the rich Cherry Cobbler Red color sentiment with matching seam binding and colored pearl is so put together. Great job! Now if I can get that song out of my head...LOL!

The 3rd card is from Linda. What a bright and cheery step card! I absolutely love the pop of the yellow. The gold embossed sentiment is so nice too. What a great card and I know she did a lot of work on it. Isn't it fun to get different shaped cards! :0) Super Job!

The 4th card is from Barb. One thing I can say about ALL of Barb's cards is that she is very detail oriented. Did you notice the soft little pines on the background and how she did a touch of color around the cream base layer? And the way she layered the sentiment with the end of the decorative label punch was a nice touch. But of course I have to mention the bling! I loved the glittery snow roof. Great Job!

The 5th card was from Susan. I love that I got 2 step cards. I love them both!!! I have to say my favorite thing was the sentiment inside. "Family & Friends are the true gifts of Christmas". How true! But I must say the I love the decorative paper and the white swirl under the reindeer. Isn't this a lovely scene with the reindeer and pine tree cluster? Wonderful Wonderful!

Now the last card came from Diane. She stopped by to deliver the card and she came bearing gifts! And a lot of them as you can see from the pictures. Her card is so lovely. The decorative paper is stamped with the sentiment. (I always think "why didn't I think to do that" when I see stamping right on the decorative paper.) Her focal point is colored to give it real depth with her shading and of course I love the glittery centers! :0) She gave Lee and I her homemade hot chocolate mix with mint marshmallows. Can you say totally yummy! She gave us a lovely candle and holder. It smells like summer. I am going to burn it in my stamping studio to inspire me to think warm tropical breezes! But the gift I think I can say anyone that knows Diane would love the most is her homemade coconut balls(she could put Mounds candy out of business!) and buckeyes. Trust me when I say they won't last long. I think she hadn't got to the end of my driveway before Lee ate a buckeye! I enjoyed looking at the wedding album she had made for Jennifer (her daughter who recently married) and talking about projects we would like to do in upcoming card nights. It was so fun to have her visit.

I have a few more cards I'm going to post from other stampers I know. So, as you can see from these cards we have a talented group of stampers that meet each month. They have added so much inspiration, caring friendship and love to my life. I hope that I will always be the kind of friend and inspiration they have been to me.

Now I have to go turn on the radio...I keep singing Joy To The World! LOL

Take care and I can't wait to post the next batch of cards. Your going to love them!

Till my next post...

The Sheer Joy I Feel

How grateful I am to have so many loving friends here and in blog land! Today the mail came with this package. (I covered your address Debb) It was so unexpected, just like Babe's and Carly's cards and gifts. Maybe that's what makes them even more special!!!

Isn't this easel card lovely. The pine cones look and feel real and the glitter berries on the branches make it feel so festive. But when I saw the snowman I squealed with joy!(Lee says I've been doing a lot of squealing around here lately. HA!) Lee was watching me open it and he said "Wow, did Debb know you collect snowmen?" I just laughed and said "Best friends know you like a book!"

Let me tell you a bit about my friend Debb. I got to know her online in a stampers weight loss forum. Now Debb is just near her goal weight. She is so pretty and looks great. From our first email I was amazed how much we had in common. She is one of the busiest people I know and yet she always has time to talk if I call.(which I should do more...she always knows it's a sign I'm cheating if she hasn't hear from me in a while...LOL) She has become someone who has been my biggest cheerleader in me losing weight and getting healthier. She is such a talented crafter. Not only does she do just about any craft you can think of she does them all exceedingly well! :0) But most of all she has listened to me laugh, cry and worry. But most of all she is an honest no nonsense kind of friend. She tells me it like it is. And believe me when your trying to lose weight you need someone who isn't afraid to say what you need to hear. I think of Debb as more of a sister than just a friend and can't wait till she has some time off to come and visit.

I think what I like about all the friends I have made online and even locally is they are all each unique and wonderful people!!! My friends you are the SHEER JOY I FEEL!!!

So Debb, thank you doesn't seem as big enough words but please know from the bottom of my heart, I loved my gift and love you for all you have done for me this year. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with all you need and want. Take care and I'll be calling you this evening!

Hugs to you all my dear sweet friends. I appreciate you all sooooo much!

Till my next post...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Beatuiful Card From "Down Under"

Hello my friends in blog land!

I know I must sound like a broken record but I have to say my blog followers are the BEST!!!!

Isn't this card the cutest ever!If only you could hold it and see the detail not only in the expert way Carly colored the images but the glitter has real dimension. The candy has a crystal hard finish that makes it look so real. But Carly didn't stop there inside she sent those adorable square buttons. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but buttons happen to be my favorite embellishment. I can't wait to show you all what I do with the buttons. :0)

But most of all it's what's written in the card that really counts. Carly you are more than a blog follower to me. Through your kind comments, ideas and emails, I feel like I've gotten to know you as a friend! Your are so dear to me. I appreciate you and the talent you share on your blog. (the link is here on my blog... Shelby In have to check her's out!) I can't tell you how much I appreciate the hard work that went into making the card. Just like when I was looking at Babe's card that she had sent me, I was thinking of the time and effort that went into your card let alone the extra you had to do to send it to the USA from Australia. And that I know you were thinking of me when you made it. I will treasure it always and each time I look at it, it will remind me of not only your kindness but our friendship. Thank you so much dear friend! You really made my day! You know how to make a gal feel special!!! :0)

I hope Carly, you and all my blog followers are having fun and enjoying the holidays as they unfold. I am taking it a bit easy now. Next week I will be taking a break while my family will be here to visit. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and get back with you all as soon as possible.

Till my next post...

PS...I still have more cards to post some stop back again soon!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Actual Shaker Card Video :0)

I finally figured out how to post the video. It took almost 5 hours to upload than get it on my blog...UGH!!!!

It's after 1am and I'm hitting the hay. Good Night All...or should I say Good Morning! LOL

You'll find on the info on the post before this one. I think I will do the other video tomorrow...I think I know how to do it now. :0)

Till my next post...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shaker Card Video

Hello dear stamping friends!

I hope you will enjoy this video on doing a shaker card. I don't think I was so clear on the instructions but I hope you will be able to get the basics. I'm so worried about making the videos too long with basic stamping, layering or adding bows. So I try to have most of the pieces together. Do you think I should make the videos step by step? Let me know what you think. I would really like to know how to improve my videos.

I forgot the colors used to do the face, hands and legs. I used Blushing Bride marker for the cheeks and Copic #31 for the skin tone and the hair was done with Soft Suede marker.

Sorry about the spot where I start laughing. My sister and I had so much fun doing the video and if you listen carefully you will hear my husband (Lee) in the background laughing and saying "cut"! I guess you can tell I'm still learning how to do these videos. :0) I'll be posting another video in a bit.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

As always, I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over!

What a wonderful ride starting this blog has been. I have "met" the most amazing people here in my area and across the globe! I feel like the most loved and appreciated woman on the face of the earth. Life is good! And you my dear blogger friends helped! (sounds like a shake & bake commercial...LOL)

But on a serious note, there are no words to express how each and everyone of you have made such a difference in my life. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are so appreciated! I have enjoyed getting to know you all a bit more with each comment. And I have to say I think I have the worlds most generous and wonderful blog followers!!! You all ROCK!!! You have helped me think out of the box and re-energize my love of making cards. I am even starting to scrapbook again!(believe me my earlier tries were nothing to brag about!)

And most of all you have made me laugh literately out loud! You have some of the best senses of humor around. And let's face it we live a lot longer when we laugh! And for the times when I couldn't laugh (like when little Kitty Karma was put to sleep) I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments and emails. I know some may say the world is a scary, cold place and the news reports so much sadness but having this blog is a constant reminder that there are more good people out there than bad! And you my friends I think are cream of the crop!!! :0)

I have started getting so many wonderful cards but yesterday I was blown away when I got home and this card and treat box awaited me! They are from my dear friend Babe. I met her here on my blog and she is so talented. You may remember her card I shared on an earlier post.(Oct 3, 2011) Well this card is beyond exceptional!!! Her inspiration for the card was from Glenda's Blog. I don't know where to begin about this card.It opens up with 2 inside sections. The weight and feel of the card are luxurious. I have never received a card like this before. I have to admit my eyes were pretty moist when I was looking it over, thinking of all the details and thinking of the time it took you to make it. It truly is an amazing card! The loving way you wrapped it in the cellophane bag was worthy of this card. It was a present in itself but you didn't stop there! The box is so professionally done and the candy treats are wrapped perfectly even! the outside of the treat box is so cute right down to the little jingle bell on the cuff of the stocking! I don't want to eat the candies because there so pretty! Of course that doesn't mean I won't eat them in moment of weakness. HA! :0) Thank you Babe for making my day! Well, really the whole week! It is appreciated more than you will ever know!

To all you my dear friends I wish you Happy Stamping! Don't forget to stop back on Saturday for my latest videos. I have two cards I think you will like. A shaker card and a really cool card made with punches.

Take care till my next post...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jennifer R. Blog Candy Winner... Your turn to pick!

Hi Jennifer R.!

You have won one of the 11 little extra blog candy and it's your turn to pick. The following is available:
Riley Stamps:
Santa Chimney
Mrs. Clause

I am sorry I have no way to contact you. I guess I should start asking for an email addresses.

If you could contact me in the next 24 hours with your pick and address I will get it sent right out to you.

Please contact me at:

Thank you so much!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Winner of the Blog Candies Are...

First I want to thank each and everyone of you for your wonderful comments. I enjoy each and everyone of them. So let's get right to it! All winners were drawn by

Blog candy #1 the winner is #18 Tia T.

Blog candy #2 the winner is #6 April

Blog candy #3 the winner is #9 Sumi

The 11 extra prizes go in this order(so after the first person chooses we go to let the next person choose and so on till all the prizes are picked...I hope that makes sense)

#1 is BG
#2 is Michelle C.
#3 is Babe
#4 is Stampo
#5 is Dee Dee
#6 is Carol L.
#7 is Lisa(Lisascraps)
#8 is Jennifer R.
#9 is goconuksgo
#10 is Jill S.
#11 is Linda N.


These are a surprise so you will not know what you are getting (but it will be nice...I promise!)

The 5 names drawn are:

#1 Joe R.
#2 Denise
#3 Diane M
#4 Carly
#5. Jeanne

Please contact me at my email address to let me know where to send your prize. And for those of you who have won the 11 extra prizes As soon as BG picks it will fall to each consecutive person. I will let you know as prizes are picked so you know what you have to pick from. :0)

my email is:

Congrats to all the winners.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere...

(I was unable to figure out how to add the video to this post from you tube...ugh! But if you type in WATER IN VENTS on you tube my video will come up. It's under StaminShirley. When I figure out how to do it i will come back and add it to this post)

As you can see from the video we have had a fun time around here! LOL My hubby said not to post the video so if you talk to him...ssssshhhhhh! :0) I totally understand why he feels that way. :0) My neighbor called to ask if we wanted her to pump us out(thanks Tonia) but it just fill back up so there just isn't anything anyone can do to help us with it. But it's nice to know so many people would like to help. My friend Diane said if she could get the equipment she'd come over and do it for me! LOL And anyone that knows Diane knows shw WOULD do it too! LOL!!!

I'm just now catching up. I've been on the run this past week and trying to get ready for more company that's coming in 2 weeks. I have enjoyed reading all your comments. I hope everyone is doing well and having fun getting ready for the holidays.

As of this morning we have only 2 inches in the vents. The worse part of not having proper drainage is that we are unable to run water like we normally do. I'm doing laundry at the laundromat than bringing it home to dry. Of course not being able to do dishes is kind of a nice break for me. Ordering out makes it a bit easier. But not being able to flush the toilet is just gross! We usually have one toilet that will work no matter what but this year the foundation really received major damage from the freeze we had so now when this happens we can't use either.(let's not think to long on that...icky huh!) Our home is a ranch style on a cement slab. It's 2,800 square feet on a 2 1/2 acre lot. So to have drainage tiles run to the front and back of the lot(which the contractor did not do and the VA Inspector never caught), our septic lines repaired and to have the foundation fixed to replace all the heating vents is going cost big $$$. I think at least my hubby (Lee) and I are keeping a pretty good attitude about the whole mess. We know it will get fixed eventually so worrying doesn't fix anything! :0) Besides at least this time we were able to shower. So as of today we are able to flush both toilets! WOOHOO! hehe I'm just not able to do much else yet. So another trip to the laundromat today.

Oh, and by the way our kitty Woody got fixed this week and pulled through just fine. I brought him home yesterday and we have just been babying him something terrible. Our phones are not working and we finally have a appointment for Monday the 12th! It's hard to understand what anyone is saying. I think my Christmas shopping is done. I still am making cards but should be finished by next week. Hopefully after next week I will get to get out and see some friends. (That means you Tonya and my 2 Joes maybe even Betty!)

It's funny how busy everyone's lives are, mine included. But no matter how busy I get I always thinking about you all and look forward to blogging! I haven't got any cards to post today but maybe later next week.


Monday, December 5, 2011

My First Christmas Gifts! Thank You Carly & Jeanne!

I have to tell you having this blog has been such a blessing in my life! I have met so many new and wonderful men and women who are so talented and well, simply awesome! My cup runneth over!!! :0)

There are no words to describe the sheer joy when one of my dear blog follower and friend sent me vouchers to get stamping supplies! I was so touched at her generosity. Carly (who has an awesome blog "Shelby In Colour" which I have posted here on my blog) is from Australia. So what better way to send a most appreciated gift!

Carly, you are more than just a blog follower to me. You are a dear friend and your gift to me means more than you will ever know. As you can see everything arrived today! I wish you could have seen Lee's face when I was squealing with joy showing him each item and describing the cards I am going to make with everything! I don't know if I'm going to get any sleep tonight! I just want to play with all the new stamps and paper.

Did you see I got one of the ATYOU SPICA pens you had mentioned in one of your blog comments. I think I may have to have them all!And of course I had to have a cute dragon stamp. Every time I use any of these awesome stamps I will think of you! :0)

I also got a animated Christmas card that each day plays a different Christmas carol and shows a different scene in a little village. Lee and I have been enjoying it so much. It's fun to see what each new day brings. It was sent to me by Jeanne. She is in our stamping group and has become a good friend and someone I admire for her talent and great sense of humor! Love ya Jeanne! :0)

Most of all each day is like Christmas when I can read all the wonderful comments, tips and encouragement from all my blog followers. Each and everyone of you adds joy and spice to my life! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity!

Till my next post...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Candy #1


Now for the big Christmas Blog Candy! I hope you will all think it is a awesome as I do. I tried to use all your suggestions from my earlier poll on what kind of things you would like to see in the prizes. I think I covered most of them! :0)

This blog candy prizes includes the following;

28 12x 12 double sided papers
2 12 x 12 journaling squares(the back of each has a design too)
2 sheets green with candy cane trim around the border of the shaped paper
1 12 x 12 die cuts(oh so cute!)
2 glittery cardsock stickers (fancy frills and icons)
1 4pc pack of Bazill perfectly pleated trim(1 each of white, green, black and red)
1 Hero Arts Clear Stamp set (Very Merry Christmas)
2 doodle twine alphabet stickers(1 green and one red)
1 Inkadinkado 2pc clear stamp set (Kissy Dear Mini) I just love this one!!!
4 pc scrapbook adhesives set in a cute little bag
1 Martha Stewart punch all over the page punch (Aspen Flurry Pattern)
1 Martha Stewart Holly Punch
8 little doodle-pops cardstock stickers(a penguin, tree, Santa, elf, snowflake, wreath,reindeer, and my favorite a cute big headed snowman!)
1 20pc boutique buttons
1 4pc striped buttons
1 84count mini jewels
1 18pc boutique brads
2 Minds Eye Twine(1 green and 1 red)
4 20yard rolls of doodle twine(colors swimming pool, bubble gum, limeade & cupcake)
1 white glitter ribbon roll from American Crafts(a lovely soft glittery white)
7 bottles of Stickles(colors Turquoise, Golden Rod, Candy Cane, Diamonds, Fruit Punch, Silver and Lime Green)
1 Marvy Snow Marker(this is so cool!!! I will have to do a video on this product)
12 color set of crushed velvet flock(I think it's like flower soft?)

Ok, now to tell you how to win. :0) As usual you just need to post an answer on THIS POST for the following question:

What is the one scrapbooking or stamping tool you would love to get?

Mine is a die cutting tool I can use with my computer. I haven't quite figured out which one but they are having a class at Red Letter Journals and they are going to go over all the die cutting machines from Cricut to I think it is called a Zinger? Then I will decide. I just know I Need one! hehe :0)

I can't wait to see your answers on this one!

Good Luck to you all!

Till my next post...

Blog Cndy #2

I just love all these new gadgets that come out and who doesn't love some glitz!

In this blog candy prize is:

I bought the following products from CREATE & CRAFT(their site is listed on my blog)

2 Pk Glitz glitter wheels "winter 1 and winter 2" ($16.99 each)
along with an anti-static brush ($2.95)
(a tip about this glitter I learned from owner Joe Rotella. Keep the glitter stored in it's wheel since each color in the wheel is made from one main color so when you use it, you eye sees cohesive colors flowing from one color to the next.)
1 pack PK Glitz of 4 sheet "Wonder Film" (it can be used on fabric and stays flexible!)

Joe and his staff do classes at Red Letter Journal in Grove City, Ohio. He will have some upcoming glitter ones and some advances glitter classes that are very informative. Joe and his staff are fun, friendly and helpful. I always go away from their classes energized and ready to play and use all the new stamping techniques I learned from them. :0)

These items I purchased at Red Letter Journals In Grove City, Ohio:

1 Sew Stamper(straight with the handle)($8.99)
1 Sew Stamper Scallop Wheel(each wheel $3.99 )
1 Sew Stamper Zig Zag Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Burst Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Cross Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Hem Wheel
1 Sew Stamper Blanker Wheel
(these are self inking!)
1 3pack Tim Holtz "Winter 2011" Distress Ink Pads3 gorgeous holiday colors)($17.99)

This blog candy prize is worth $100!

So to win answer on THIS POST the following question:

Do you do projects where you alter an item? And what item did you alter or would you like to try?

I will be taking a class next month from Diane of Scrapbook Additions is teaching. We will be altering a wooden artist painters tray from 7 Gypsies. It has 12 little spots and has a piece so it can be hung on the wall. I can't wait to post mine when it's done!

I can't wait to hear your answers. And most of all Good Luck!

Now to go and post # 1 blog candy...hold's a huge prize!

Till my next post...

Blog Candy Prize #3


I know I've said it before but I will say it again, you will love her store. It's cozy and friendly. I had been shopping spending $100's of dollars (each visit) and still treated poorly at another scrapbooking store which I will not mention. That's the plus with Tonya...she knows her customers and treats them like family. I had taken classes there also and they don't hold a candle to the ones you can take at RLJ!!! Create & Craft classes are a hoot and you make the loveliest cards! So if you live in the area stop by and let her know you heard about her from my blog. :0) If you let her know drop me a line on my blog and I will put your name in for a big drawing for a super spring prize Tonya and I have cooked up!

Next month you will get to know another wonderful woman who I shop with. She is offering a wonderful gift for my blog candy next month. But I digress...

So Tonya please except my thanks and gratitude for your gracious and overwhelming generosity. But most of all for your kindness and superior service I receive when shopping at you store! I know my bloggers love EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONATED!!!!

Here is a little description of all the items:

First let me say...this wallet is so nice! My camera can not do it justice. The retail on it is $25.99!!!
The cool Art Blanche items:
1 chipboard round book $6.99
1 2 pc milk carton with round bubbles(the little round bubbles fit over in the cute) $4.99
1 Imaginations gift card holder(nice heavy weight chipboard)$3.29
And this super cool Chalkboard paper!
3 styles of the 12x12 size (2each..$1.95 a sheet) and 2 small 8 1/2 x 11 sheets($?)
and the metallic pen set ($14.99) is so amazing and looks so awesome on the paper!

This is package is worth over $67!

What a great package for someone who likes to alter items. Plus the wallet alone is a wonderful gift.

So as per usual the way to win is to answer on THIS POST the following question:

Do you use stamps in your scrapbooking projects? Or are you a scrapbooker who uses their left over scrapbooking supplies to make cards?

I look forward to your answers and I wish you all GOOD LUCK!

It's Blog Candy Time!


Hello my patient blog followers :0) I got my camera back from being repaired. Sadly I lost a bunch of my sister-in-laws 40th surprise birthday party pictures. :0( But at least it didn't end up costing as much as we thought. I can only say I WILL be more careful with my camera from now on! LOL So let's get to the fun stuff...

It's time again for some fun blog candy. I love the holidays! And I am going to do 3 separate posts for 3 separate blog candy. That way you will have a chance to win one or all! :0)

What you see on this post are the extra gifts I will draw from those who did not win the main blog candy. So as you can see there is not only 3 big prizes but 11 extras! So 11 people will still win something. Let's face it with 14 prizes you have a good chance of winning something! :0) Here are the details of the extra 11 gifts:

glitter color wheel "winter 1" from PK Glitz and static free brush(love this!)
3 pc Tim Holtz distress ink Season series "winter 2011"
a Riley and company stamp(Mrs Clause, snow ski, hockey, snowman, snowball or Santa in the chimney)
Sizzix 4 pc embossing folder set(birds and reindeer set)
Sizzix 2 pc embossing folder set(branches & snowflakes set)
Sizzix 2 pc embossing folder set(flower & snowflakes set)

I will post all of the 3 blog candy prizes this evening. (around 7pm) I am also working on a fun video of my Christmas card to the girls in my local card group. I'll have to post it after I get them mailed out and they have time to get them. I'd hate for them to see them before they get them. :0)

So if you answer the question below I will give you an draw on these 11 little gifts posted here on this blog!(please post answer on this post)

What technique or techniques would you like me to do a video on?

As always I wish you time to be creative but most of all time to stamp!

Till my next post...(or should I say my next 3 posts this evening! hehe)