Monday, December 20, 2010

Cooking class at the Wellness Forum: Delicious Healthy Cookies

What a fun class it was. We paired up to make different cookies. We were short one person so I worked alone. We were able to sample each cookie and then take some home. Here is a picture of some of the cookies we made. (sorry the first picture is so off color and the second one I couldn't figure out why it printed sideways..oops!) We did one "experiment" cookie which we ate all of them! LOL

When I brought home the plate of cookies Lee said as he pointed to the "Fruit & Nut Cookies" ..."You made these didn't you?" Which he was right! He said he could tell because they were formed neatly and I am such a perfectionist when I cook. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist just a bit obsessive! hehe

They were all very good. I had never had a rum ball before and boy could you taste the rum! I was signed up to go to the healthy appetizer class but wasn't able to make it. Kelly said she would send me the recipes anyway. How nice of her.

I can't believe that Christmas is in a few days. I just haven't felt too "Christmasy" this year. I didn't decorate this year either. Next year for sure! I think as soon as everyone arrives, we start opening gifts and eating all the good food we will be having then it will hit me. :0) (it better!)

Well, I still have two stamping projects to finish by Wednesday morning so I better get on the stick!

As always, I wish you time to be creative and time to stamp!

Till my next post...