Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Things I'm Thankful For

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I've gotten many email forwards with each friend listing what 10 things they are thankful for. Some really good lists I may add! So I thought about what my list would include...sure it seems like you have to put, faith, family and friends on the list but then I really sat and thought about. So here is my list from 10 to the number 1 thing I am thankful for:

10: computer screen, kindle, no book on tape just the feel of the pages and the way it transports me to another world, or fuels my creativity, or helps me cook the most delicious dish. And talk about books, is there anything better than a trip to the library. The quiet calm and endless possibilities to check out. It is one of my favorite places to go.

9. My senses...there is so much on the face of the earth and in the sky to please the senses! From what I see, hear,or to the taste of fresh fruit or a fresh salad topped with the smell of fresh cucumber and green onions! And my favorite smell of all peaches! Ask anyone that comes to my home...can we say peach candles! LOL And it never ceases to amaze me the sense of touch. Our hands are so amazing, they can hold the smallest most fragile item and not break it yet hands are strong enough to do the hardest tasks and repairs. And when it comes to getting hugs from my nieces and nephews is joy beyond compare.

8.All creatures...aren't they just cool. There are so many everyone has favorites. Mine are cats...but don't tell Jasper! For a dog he is love on four legs. :0) If everyone was as happy to see me as Jasper! LOL But I love birdwatching, especially the hummingbirds we have every year. Even bugs are cool. (well not flies but everything else)

7.Rubber Stamping...and this not only includes the crafting itself but all the friends I have because of it. I've met so many talented women and men and cherish each one! Rubber stamping takes me away from the mundane everyday life I lead. My life is so...well...daily. :0) I know everything I do is important, taking care of my home, Lee and Jasper. It just seems unexciting. LOL Stamping takes me out of myself, it's a calm and joyful yet exciting when I make something and it turns out just like I planed. It is such a part of my life. And can you believe it I have been stamping since September 1997!

6. The seasons...Each season has it's pluses for me but Winter is #1 in my book. How I love the snow. It makes the whole world look peaceful. (and it's the only time my yard looks as good as my neighbors! LOL) I like the fall too. I love the leaves changing colors and to walk over them they crunch like potato chips :0) Spring's soft colors and everything coming alive is nice but I love how much Lee likes the spring. I love getting out with him as the weather warms up. (lots of trips to the zoo) Summer is my least favorite..oh I don't do heat well..ahhh but my favorite pastime...swimming! Oh yeah!!! I could stay in a pool all day!

5. All this computer/media stuff...I'm thankful to have a way to keep in touch with friends and family via the internet. I love that if I need help or have question I can look it up. (no need to bother anyone)You can listen to music, watch all kinds of videos, movie trailers. And I like posting my creations and having a blog. It's cathartic and it connects me with others who have the same type blogs/interests. And it's nice to have satellite tv especially pay-per-view(I'm laughing now) but seriously , Lee and I don't get out like we use to and in the colder months we can order a movie sit back and have a quiet evening at home. So even though I'm not tech savvy I think is awesome.

4. My home. I'm so thankful to Lee who provides me with a lovely home, food to eat, clothes to wear. All my basic requirements are met and exceeded!

3. My friends...where do I begin. I'm thankful to have friends that care about me and show it in so many ways. I'm so touched by all my friends either here where I live or those precious friendships I have developed over the years via pen-pals. I have so many "stamping" friends that a card comes at least 4 times a week. And they are just like sitting down with an old friend for a cup of tea. How enjoy the letters and really getting to know them. Most of all I'm glad they like me even though I'm not perfect and can be a bit of a nut! (definitely cracked a bit! LOL)

2. My my where to begin. I miss my Dad so much. I'm glad to have had him as my Father. My Mother is my friend and I can call her whenever I need to talk. My sister is more than a friend, she's a sounding board and a gentle reminder no matter what other people do to you, take it in stride...sometimes things don't turn out the way we want them to but it's all ok. My brothers are good to me but most of all I love how kind they are to my husband and they both have children... They made me an AUNT!!!! That's the best part of all. Not only do I love all my nieces and nephews but I like my sister-in-laws. They are both very different yet both super women in their own right. And most of all the are super Moms! I'm glad for the holidays so I able to see everyone. :0) Every family has their ups and downs but I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

1. if that was a surprise! :0) I don't know where to begin to describe the how perfectly matched we are. He is so funny he is always making me laugh and he gets my sense of humor too. When I look into those perfect green eyes I feel safe, loved, needed and most of all appreciated. In the 19 years we have been married he ALWAYS says thank you for everything, his meals, helping with his care, taking care of the house and every morning when I give him his cup of coffee.It's nice to start out everyday with gratitude. And it isn't just saying thank you, he says excuse me, sorry, pardon me and the like. Treating each other like this over the 19 years has helped when big stuff comes up so we can be kind to one another. And he IS kind not just to me but towards everyone and animals. He listens to me when I'm feeling overwhelmed or sad. He's smart and a joy to be around. He is more than a husband or best friend he is my life. He has made my life worth living and has brought out the best in me. I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving lets see your list!